Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Visiting my old haunts virtual style.

Gregg came across this video on YouTube and knew I would enjoy it.  I spent a very happy few minutes seeing some of the old sights I knew so well.  We didn't actually move down to South Devon until I was 15 years of age in 1965, but many years before that, twice a year, we would spend a holiday not too far away from Torquay (pronounced 'Torkee' for those who don't know the area), and visited the town frequently before I actually worked there in the mid 70s.

In those years before our move we would often take my Grandmother on holiday with us.  She was my Mother's Mum.  One year we stayed in a small hole-in-the-wall hotel (not in Torquay but I did spot it on the video) and I remember my grandmother complaining that the bed was so damp she couldn't sleep in it.  It indeed was.  It was early in the year, we were by the ocean and everywhere was damp, there was no lovely central heating back in those days.  My Dad took Nanny's room and she slept with my Mum.  Did they complain about the damp bed?  Probably not, they would not want to make a fuss.  It was March or April and the place didn't get many holiday makers at that time of the year, we were out of season. The climate was still cold and damp, and if this small hotel was a bit damp you just made do until it became tolerable.  Besides, to us at that age it was another adventure.  Funny what you think of when you look back.  

Our twice-yearly holidays were spent in caravans (campers) on the side of a hill.  There's a scene in the video where you can see caravans in much the same setting as ours was and Gregg said, "Is that your place?"  "Well," I said, "those caravans are a lot posher than the ones we stayed in, all painted smartly like that, and besides that, they are miniatures from the model village nearby."  I may have had a bit of a twinkle in the eye when I said it.  He didn't realize they weren't the real thing.  I had to smile.  To be fair, Gregg didn't know about the miniature village and they were very good models, even though the people were looking a bit 'wooden'. 

If you would like to take a look at Babbacombe Model Village, you can click on the link here.