Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Krispy-Kreme Cruiser

We are road-tripping again and a fun thing we saw a couple of days ago was The Krispy Kreme Cruiser.  Can't remember the exact locale but we had gone through Atlanta and hadn't yet crossed into Alabama.   As we approached we recognized an old bus and were remarking on its lines and how regal looking the old buses, in fact most old cars all seemed to be.

As we got closer we could see the advertising on the side.  This is our all-time favorite doughnut.  Gregg has known them since he was a little boy and he introduced me to them when we got married.  No danger of us getting anything other than the occasional treat.  We have none of their shops in our vicinity.  Good job I guess.

We usually have to wait until we go to one of our favorite parks in Alexandria to find a shop a couple of miles away, which we visit a couple of times a year, or when we go to Virginia Beach.  But here we were traveling along and we overtake the Krispy-Kreme Cruiser.  I wish we could have flagged it down.  We had skipped breakfast and it was way, way past lunchtime.

We sadly said goodbye as it disappeared in our rear-view mirror.

We have a hankering for Krispy-Kreme Doughnuts, but Siri says "I couldn't find any restaurants matching  Krispy-Kreme Doughnuts near you."  Instead we are heading to Johnson's Bakery for breakfast tomorrow.  She tells us they sell doughnuts!

The Krispy-Kreme Cruiser has a website.  You can check them out here.