Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A question about a problem I am having.

Can someone please tell me why I am leaving 'links' back to my blog when I visit other blogs and publish a comment?   I didn't notice it at first, until a few blogging friends got back to me and asked why this was happening every time I visited.  To them I am very grateful because I would probably still be going on my merry way without noticing anything was amiss.  It was a complete surprise as I didn't hang around to look at the bottom of the page to see those offending links.  It's not every blog I visit, that is why it is so puzzling.  

I have been scratching my head for ages, trying various things and even deleting the thumbnails at the end of each of my posts here, thinking they were the culprit and that it would get rid of them, but it still goes on.  It has even happened when people have used the blog roll on my side bar to visit others, when I haven't visited myself at all.  It must be very irritating as it looks like a flagrant advertisement to entice people to come and visit me.  I can say in all honesty and sincerity that it most definitely is not!   I would never do anything like this unless I had the blog owner's permission first, and wouldn't even have thought of it in the first place.  It's not how I go about things.

If anyone out there has found that this is happening to them and has succeeded in eliminating the annoying links, and you can give me a clue as to how I can do the same, I would be ever so grateful.  I heard from one person that she knew of at least one blogger who was also leaving links after visiting but that they disappeared eventually.  I'd rather not wait that long.

Slowly getting over this rotten cold and will be very glad when the accompanying headaches disappear with them.  Gregg went off to the library this afternoon while I snoozed on the couch for most of time he was away.  When I feel under the weather all I do is sleep, or fall out of bed apparently. When in Virginia Beach having just caught this bug, I woke up in the middle of the night and through a foggy haze tried to pick up my glasses that had dropped on the floor, except that I kept going and I had a 'falling tree in the forest' moment as I landed on my knee and my wrist and even grazed my head ever so slightly.  Thankfully I missed my glasses.  I can see the funny side.  This has happened before when I have been under the weather but not for a very long time.  

At the moment I have to rely on Gregg's great sense of smell as he tells me the house has a wonderful aroma floating through the air.  He helped me earlier by prudently chopping all the vegetables for our evening meal.  (He prefers I do not get near any knives when I feel like this.)  I posted about the recipe for Navy Bean Soup here if you are interested.  It was delicious and on a cold evening with a snuffly nose, also very comforting.

After our week away our mail carrier dropped off a box full of mail. There are loads of catalogs to sift through, a few letters, some of which are bills - oh the joy - and the Christmas Cards have started arriving.  Hopefully tomorrow I will write out a few.  I suppose it won't be in the too distant future when even these will be obsolete, everything will be done online.  We've already started paying bills that way, though we haven't made the complete changeover yet.  And I for one will certainly miss receiving the cards that I look forward to.  It is always a lot of fun to look at what kind our family and friends have chosen that year.  

There are times when I even miss what is known now as  'snail-mail'.  Always a pleasure to find an honest-to-goodness written letter in the box, and the stamps are a visual delight, and I am a very visual person.  We all seem to be writing e-mails which I don't knock at all, but still. 

One day there will be future generations looking at a letter with actual honest-to-goodness handwriting behind the glass display at the Smithsonian, not from a President or another famous person, but from a regular every-day one, wondering what it is, and being told "Oh that's when people used to actually have pens with ink inside them, and they would scrawl on a piece of paper with the ink flowing through the nib.  We used to communicate that way and then we would mail it to people, and it would take at least a week to reach them."  "What's a nib?" they'll say, "What's a pen?" and off they'd go to the display cabinet holding the nibs and pens.  The look of astonishment on a child's face would be worth a thousand words. Hard to imagine that not so long ago it used to take months for letters to get across the ocean.  And now we are all connected instantaneously.

The photos I am using today are from the same garden mentioned in my previous post.

Added note:  Terri from Coloring Outside the Lines mentioned that maybe I should check my comment settings, so I went to Settings, Posts and Comments and then Backlinks where it gave me a choice to hide or show.  My Backlinks is already set to "Hide" but maybe it's the people who are seeing my links that need to do this if they don't want to see any backlinks.  Thanks Terri, appreciate the feed back and I would also like to thank all you other lovely people who may not know what the problem is, but are offering sweet comments.  That is a comfort and big help in itself.  And finally, after all these years of blogging, I am learning something about 'backlinks'.  Sometimes I feel such a prune! I would be rolling my eyes if I didn't find it physically impossible right now.

Another added note:  I have just heard from Elephant Child that Terri's advice did the trick and my backlinks disappeared from her blog.  Both EC and I are doing the happy dance and we are both thanking Terri :)