Friday, December 13, 2013

A change of pace.....

I rented The Last Mimzy last night, a science fiction movie made in 2007.  I'd venture to say that even non-sci-fi people would like this movie and it is family friendly.  It was apparently panned by critics at the time but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Not to give too much away it centers around two children who find a box on the beach with strange objects inside, and the story goes on from there.   The children, Chris O'Neil and Rhiannon Leigh Wryn, give wonderful performances as Noah and Emma.   Timothy Hutton and Joely Richardson are very convincing as their worried parents. Rainn Wilson is Noah's teacher, Kathryn Hahn his wife, and the late great Michael Clarke Duncan plays the FBI agent who gets involved after Noah causes the City of Seattle to black out when playing with one of the objects.  All give wonderful performances and one of the reasons I rented the movie was that the reviews were positive and gave mostly five stars.  Now you might find a few faults if you start being too analytical, but I give it my own five stars.

You can read about Henry Kuttner, author of The Last Mimzy here.