Monday, November 4, 2013

Norfolk Zoo in Virginia

Gregg and I have been away spending the weekend with our family down south.  We left real early on Friday morning at 6.30 a.m., stopping off at Krispy Kreme and Starbucks (practically next door to each other), something we always do as they are just down the road from where my in-laws live, and arriving for breakfast laden with doughnuts and coffee.  

It was a busy and enjoyable weekend.  We saw our niece, nephew and great-niece one morning, had a very enjoyable dinner with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law at a lovely Italian restaurant.  With my in-laws we went to the beach looking for sea-shells one day, went out to lunch at a favorite restaurant another, visited Norfolk Zoo and for the rest we stayed home having a fun time enjoying my in-law's company.

We arrived home two hours ago and I thought I would share a few photos from the zoo.  The first photo is my favorite of the Red Panda from when we walked down the path near his enclosure.  He is able to walk across a tree trunk right over our heads, and turns around and repeats the process several times.  He attracts quite an audience.

There are two wonderful sculptures that I like at the zoo.  One is at the entrance.  It is an African elephant created by Matthew Gray Palmer of Friday Harbor, Washington.  He calls it "All Things Within All Things".  Not only does it hold a golden butterfly on the tip of its trunk, if you look closer you will see the elephant is made up of thousands of aluminum butterflies (10,000 to be exact), and if you look at that golden butterfly more closely, it is composed of two elephants.  You can see more photos and watch a video of its construction if you click here, also here to read an article at the zoo's website.

Here is my other favorite.  A tiger standing in the front of the Trail of the Tiger exhibit.  The tiger sculpture was erected in honor of the two beloved Siberian Tigers Shere Khan and Shaka Khan.  

You can read their story here.

Below are photos I took of one of the two Malayan tigers according to the website.  The exhibit now houses Kadar and Tahan.  It was fun to see them so clearly.  According to what I read, "Malayan tigers are endangered and recent counts showed there may be as few as 600 in the wild.  It is perhaps the smallest subspecies of tiger, with an average weight of nearly 300 pounds for adult males, and just over 200 pounds for females.  They are found in the tropical forests of the southern and central Malay Peninsula."

We were also very lucky to get some decent shots of the African Lions.  I read the following on the website's information page.  The male lion weighs 364 pounds and its mate weighs 344 pounds.    African lions are found throughout the south Sahara desert and in parts of southern and eastern Africa.  

When we first arrived we heard the male lion roaring.  He was very vocal!    

He almost looks like he is smiling in this one doesn't he?

I came across this cute garden ornament nearby of the toucan.  It looks like it is made of an old tire. 

The ladybird looks like an old bowling ball and the jack o'lantern is also made from an old tire.

The scarecrow is there ready and waiting for the zoo's train to roll by.

I'll have more photos from the zoo at another time.