Saturday, October 19, 2013


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Over the last two months we have been busy with personal vacations, family and friends.  It came in four chapters.  Chapter One, Gregg and I went away for five weeks on a road trip across the United States.  I still have photos to share from that trip.  Chapter Two, we had friends visiting from England.  Chapter Three my father-in-law's annual shipmate's reunion took place, the last one.  They have been having them for 40 years and it was one last hurrah to say goodbye to people we have all grown to love as family.  They came from every corner of the U.S.  And Chapter Four, a two week trip to Germany where we celebrated our niece's wedding.  She made a beautiful bride!  So, I have lots of photos to share that will probably take me through the winter.  Between Gregg and me we took a zillion photos.

I have been posting my Today's Flower's on our home page ahead of time, and also on my blog, visiting blogging friends when I can.  If I have missed you please forgive me as while I was away I had to put my laptop to sleep.  Even though we bought the conversion plugs for Germany, they still didn't fit into the receptacle.  I am going to let my telephone company know about that one as that's where we bought them from.

From here on I will be putting together the usual list of last week's participants.  Thank you for your patience and continued support of Today's Flowers.  I think you are all wonderful for sharing your many beautiful flowers from around the world.  It is a real pleasure to be a part of this meme.

Wishing you all a wonderful Autumn.


My photos are again from the Norfolk Botanical Garden.


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  1. HI Denise Glad to have you back again, it sounds like you had a great time with MANY photos. Looking forward to them. The flowers in this post are gorgeous

  2. HI Denise... Up until a week ago I wasn't able to leave comment's,but I'm back too!!

    I think you have had a extremely busy summer, but who knows tomorrow so do it while you can!!
    Beautiful bloomers, I don't think there is a flower I haven't liked!!


  3. How time flies! I didn't realize you were away that long. Welcome back and rest up for the holiday season.

  4. Beautiful flowers photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  5. Beautiful flowers photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  6. your candle burns at both ends. Exhausting. Dianne

  7. Welcome home. I suspect sleeping in your own bed again is very welcome - despite having a wonderful time.
    And I love having flowers all year round, from all over the world. Brilliant meme, great post.

  8. They are lovely, Denise! It is great to have you back again...and I SO enjoyed your tour photos!

  9. You've had an exciting couple of months! Beautiful blooms Denise.

  10. Thank you for the colorful almost spriglike flowers and as always for hosting the sharing opp. I love it even when I don't have any flowers to share (I will again when we get settled after our roadtrip). And once again I'm in awe of how you managed to post almost every day while you traveled.

  11. wow the first flower image is absolutely gorgeous, I love its color!