Monday, October 28, 2013


A while ago when we were walking around the Norfolk Botanical Garden, we came across this unusual plant.  

If you ever find yourself in Norfolk (the one in Virginia, USA) and love gardens, we can both highly recommend this Garden.  We have been to many over the years, all wonderful places, and Norfolk is right up there as one of our favorites.  Their home page is here.  

As we got closer we noticed that the center of the plant looked like a huge pine cone and the closer still, we saw its tenant.

Steve over at Out On The Prairie - link here - identified this plant as a Cyad in the comment section, and said it is one of the oldest plants on the planet.  He also identified the insect as a Japanese Beetle.  Thanks Steve!

I am linking with Michelle's Nature Notes which you will find here.  Thank you for hosting this lovely meme Michelle.