Wednesday, October 23, 2013


My niece and her new husband, are the caretakers of three mountain sheep.  I have seen photos of them before and posted about them a while back.  

The area they live in is part of the Black Forest, and their new home is on a very steep hillside.  The previous owners of the house already had the resident sheep but asked if they would like to keep three.  They all win, they get their grass 'mowed' and the sheep have become much treasured pets.

My niece is very adept at coaxing them down the hill for us to get a closer look.  They have a couple of apple trees up there too.  Apples were a big help!

A few were tossed into the mix and then....

a little head-butting started.

The sound of those horns making contact reminded me of a National Geographic nature show.

Gregg took all of the close-ups.

Aren't those horns amazing?

The sheep have very sweet faces don't you think?  They are a father and two sons.

I took a video of them also.

I am linking with Michelle's Nature Notes this week.  Thank you for hosting Michelle, I enjoy this lovely meme very much.