Friday, October 18, 2013

CAMERA CRITTERS and if you don't like spiders, best not to look.

Not the usual cute and cuddly Camera Critter post that I do, and I have to admit I am curious as to how many comments I will get for this one, says I with a wink.  However, with Halloween coming up at the end of this month, I thought it was appropriate.

At first I thought it may have been a wolf spider, it was quite a large one.  However, on doing more research on line it looks closer to a Nursery Web Spider.  They are common in North America.  

That's news to me but then I don't usually go hunting for them to take photos of.  I was out walking and spotted it on a leaf at the side of the trail.  I am always on the look out and was surprised when I came across it.  I aimed my camera and got off a few shots before it scurried into the underbrush.  This was the best one I could get.

The Nursery Web Spider (Pisaurina mira) has no permanent home but hunts in the grass, meadows and moist open woods.  When courting, the male Pisaura presents the female with a fly.  If she accepts he will mate her while she feeds. 

(As always, please let me know if I am wrong in my identification.  I welcome corrections from those of you who are more experienced). 

It is about the size of the garden spiders I used to occasionally find on my bedroom wall, in the days when my Dad used to come running after hearing me yelling for him to bring the spider box.  Dad would carefully scoop it up into an empty cereal box for just such a purpose, and carry the unwelcome visitor back into the garden, to the furthest possible bush away from the house I would ask.  My Dad would be amazed that I hung around long enough to take this photo.

Thank you Misty for hosting one of my favorite memes, and please click here to visit other interesting critters from all over the world.

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