Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Trail of Tears Painting by Robert Lindneux

Gregg and I are home.  We were on a road trip across America for five weeks, visited family in North Dakota, drove across 22 states, saw seven national parks, one state park and a whole lot of places in between.  It was a very educational trip for me.  I have tried to share a lot over the last few weeks but I still have so many photos left.  

One of these is a photo of a large framed print on the wall of the Visitor Center not too long after we crossed into Oklahoma.  You couldn't help but be immediately drawn to it as it was the focal point of the room.  As I looked I realized that it must be depicting the Trail of Tears.  You can find its history here and if you click here it will give you some information on the artist who painted it.