Monday, August 12, 2013

Thought I should tell you more about the new tripod.....

and I am again thanking Debbie from "It's All About Purple" (link here), for telling me about it when I asked.  I have always enjoyed Debbie's photos with her hubby and wanted to take more of us when we were out and about.  Our old tried and true tripod has served us well but we broke one leg years ago.  It works but with difficulty and less extension, and besides that, it is a big old heavy clunker to carry around.   The one Debbie recommended was much lighter and easy to pop in the car to take out whenever needed.  It also fits into my small backpack.

This is a photo of the box the Tripod came in.  It is listed as a Tamrac Zipshot Tripod - springs open in seconds.  

Notice Gregg's new retirement office?

Gregg is always a good sport and said "Sure, put the photo on your blog!"  So here is Gregg in his new retirement office.  He is actually working, reading up on Y chromosomes on his IPhone.  My friends tell me Gregg is in his vacation/holiday stage and that will change.  I told him what they said and his answer was a smile and a 'Could be awhile!". 

I bought this tripod on Amazon.  I tried to find it at several regular stores and they didn't have it, just the more expensive clunky ones that we were trying to avoid.  You can go here for details.  

This is what it looks like before being extended.  It's probably not as neat as it came out of the box but put it down to my impatience of taking the photo.  If it was a bird, or a butterfly, no problem, I'd be chasing them around for hours!

There are very easy cords you pull around and thread into the notch, similar to when you would furl your umbrella, reversing the process of course to extend the legs.

When you take the cords off, the tripod legs spring open automatically and voila, you have your tripod ready to go.

It is easy enough to fold them again.   Easy-peasy, and  we are very happy with it.   Thanks again Debbie :)