Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Rambles....

We stuck close to home over the weekend but last week I met up with friends, chatted to my family and friends on the phone and Skype, ran a few errands and Gregg joined our son for breakfast when I was out for the day.  One time we went into Middleburg to have a late lunch/early dinner at our favorite sandwich shop and had a nice drive around.  I saw a beautiful Red Fox standing in the middle of a wide open field about half way.  He was as still as a statue staring off into the distance.  We were well passed before I thought about taking a photo, and the traffic was building up on the main road, it would have been difficult to stop.  He was a wonderful sight and this will be one of those times I will remember with my mind's eye and not with a photograph.

We are having our steps fixed out front.  Our house is on an incline and the ground had settled to the point that the last one was like launching off into space.  We have watched as a lot of our neighbors had the same problem and had theirs fixed.  We are one of the last ones to have it done.   The original step was very high and gave us all a hard time getting up and down.  We found a really nice chap who knows what he is doing and we now are half way to getting our extra step, and won't be fearful of anyone twisting knees and ankles when they leave the house or have to come to the front door.

I haven't been making any new recipes lately.  In the warmer weather all we seem to want are salads, salads and salads, and definitely something easy enough to throw together when we've been out all day, anything to stop having to put a hot oven on for any length of time - no we don't barbecue, never really got into it.  We have cooked fish but it only takes about 12 minutes to grill or saute on the stove top. We both enjoy flounder and have also used it for fish taco's.  Now Gregg is retired and has the time, he likes to help with the meal which is nice and if he sees something on TV on the food channel, he'll incorporate the technique into cooking. He is more adventurous than I am.  I usually follow the recipe word by word.  I saw a dish when I visited Beatrice and Grenville's blog, The Frog and PenguINN here, and am going to give it a try.  I think it is time to get the crock-pot out again.  .

While we are on the topic of food, I thought I would tell you about the Thai Restaurant in Williamsburg where we had dinner last Tuesday.  It was called the Bangkok Garden and when we walked inside we were struck by how authentic it felt, and was probably one of the prettiest we have ever seen.  As it was quiet I didn't think anyone would mind if I took a few shots, though I asked permission first.  We arrived before the dinner crowd and by the time we left it was packed.  Their website can be found here and if you find yourself in Williamsburg, Virginia and enjoy Thai food, we can recommend it highly.  Here are a few photos taken that day.

I didn't want to use the flash inside so the photos are a little dark and were taken with my cell phone.  This is Gregg's dish.  He ordered the Green Curry with Chicken....

and I ordered my usual Drunken Noodles.  We both ordered the Tom Kha soup which had a different taste to the one we are used to up north but still delicious, just different.  In fact, all the dishes were different in taste but oh my gosh, they were so good!  We couldn't eat all of it, only half.  Normally we would have taken home the rest for the next day but we were in a hotel that night so had to leave what was left with regrets.

There was a huge Crepe Myrtle Tree in the parking lot.  It had rained heavily while we were in the restaurant but held off long enough for us to walk to our car and back to the hotel.  

That's about it for the rambles for today.