Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meeting blogging friends.....

Today Gregg and I went into Washington DC at the invitation of Gigi of Gigi-Hawaii.  We met up with Gigi and her husband David, along with another blogging friend Dianne of Schmidleysscribbling.  Gigi's blog you can find here and Dianne's blog is here.

Gregg and I had arrived a little early and waited in the foyer of the hotel for a few minutes.  I was looking for Gigi to appear and I turned my head and there she was.  Of course I recognized her immediately and we gave each other a big hug for even though we have never met we have become good friends online.  I introduced Gregg and we walked to the hotel's restaurant where we met her husband David and also Dianne and her husband David in the restaurant.  

It was wonderful meeting them and very enjoyable chatting all the way through our meal.  Of course when that meal came along, the camera's came out.  

When I saw that they had Sticky Toffee Pudding on the dessert menu I told Gigi that it was a British dessert and we decided to share one, but I didn't take a picture of it.  You can, however, see Gigi's photos of us all here where she also shares their meal, along with our dessert.  In that post she also shares their day's activities.  

Thank you for a wonderful meal Gigi and David, it was great meeting you, and also Dianne and David.  Lovely to be able to chat as old friends would.  Good food and great companionship, what more could one ask for?

I took a few photos as we walked back to our car.  Across the street was the Consulate General of Brazil.  I took that for all blogging friends from Brazil.

Gregg is posing with the Democratic Donkey and Republican Elephant.  

Their story can be read here.

A great day today and thank you once again my friends.  Happy journey home!