Friday, August 23, 2013


I finally found them again.  About a year or so ago I came across a field of goats and I took lots of photos.  I enjoyed looking at them and found their antics very comical.  I didn't really take much note of their location along this long road and went by several times on my way to meet up with friends, but always came up empty.  Well, Gregg and I were out and about a couple of weeks ago and Gregg spotted them as we drove by.  The gate was recessed and it was hard to see them over the fence but my favorite spotter saw them.   He made a u-turn and we drove into the gateway.  There was enough room to get off the road.  It was great finding them again.  Aren't they cute?  I also took note of where they were this time.

And just for good measure I am sharing another couple of photos of the Mediterranean Miniature Donkey from last week's post.  He was sharing the same field as the goats.


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