Friday, August 2, 2013


This is one of the three bears we saw on our drive up to the Shenandoahs just over a week ago, and the only one I was able to get photos of.   We were in our car behind two other cars that had stopped on a narrow road.  I was on the passenger side.  The bear was deep in the woods foraging.   

The link here will take you to the park's home page where it gives information about the bear and here it tells you how to stay safe around them.

We were surprised to see three bear sightings this day, and one family told us they had seen a mother bear with her cubs.  The blackberries are abundant (and probably a lot of other enjoyable foods they enjoy feasting on).  Last weekend was the Blackberry Festival.  The bears were out and about feasting on those blackberries I'm sure of it.   

If you look here it will take you to a video by Larry W. Brown, a marvelous wildlife photographer who came across another mother bear with her cubs feasting on those blackberries.   

Larry can also be found on twitter where he shares his wildlife photos.  


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