Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Ramble and a List for Travelers, particularly those for Gregg and Denise


Well, truth be out, Gregg and I have started a month long road trip.  It's been a long time since we have been on anything this adventurous.  At first I was going to set up posts in advance and share everything on our return, but I have had numerous requests from family and friends, on both sides of the Atlantic, to post from day to day while we are away.  So, with much consideration I have decided to do just that.  I still have several posts already set up, and when we can't get on line on any given day I will just go ahead with them.  Son and Daughter-in-Law are taking care of our house while we are away.  Thank you my Sweets!  I wouldn't feel as comfortable about leaving the place for such a length of time without knowing it was in safe hands.

I will be taking my laptop with me and will try to keep up with my visits when we get a spare moment, probably at a hotel in the evenings.  But I may be scarce at times depending on whether we stay at a place with wi-fi, or if I'm so tired after a day of traveling/sight seeing that all I want to do is grab a pillow and sink into it.

We started off our weekend by heading down to see my in-laws and other members of Gregg's family.  It's been a lovely weekend visiting with not only family but friends who have popped in as happened yesterday.  A lovely surprise visit with friends we don't get a chance to see that often, but are the kind of friends that it doesn't matter how long it's been, it was just like yesterday since the last time we saw them.  You know how that goes.  A couple of them have their own road journey to take and to them we also wish them happy travels.

Now, where are we heading?   We have a basic route planned but playing each day by ear, and if we decide to stray a few miles here and there, say to see the biggest ball of twine in the world, then that's fine.  The biggest ball of twine was Gregg's idea by the way.   Whether we actually find it, goodness only knows.  It will be interesting to see where the car's nose is pointed and in what direction. 

We have to be back in time for the arrival of our English friends, but between now and then, the open road is ours.   The nice thing about this trip is that we'll be able to stay a little longer at each place if we want to, which is what we have been planning to do since we last visited an area a few years ago, and wanted to go back to explore further when the time allowed, which is now.

TRAVEL CODES?   Gregg put together this list which was comprised to give me a chuckle, a fun list mixed with a little truth, okay more than a little.  He told me we have to memorize the numbers and any time we feel the need will shout out that particular number.

1.   You are right again Denise  (Gregg)
2.   Where is the next Starbucks (Denise)
3.   What the hell (Denise)
4.   Let's stop at Walmart (Gregg)
5.   I wonder what Lisa and Brad are doing?                 (Denise and Gregg)
6.   I was just making an observation. (Denise)
7.   Where's the next bathroom? (usually Denise)
8.   Where did you put the camera? (Gregg)
9.   Where did I put my sunglasses? (Denise)
10.  I'm not staying there!  (definitely Denise)
11. Are we lost? (always Denise)
12. Of course not! (always Gregg)

The list will no doubt grow the further we get away from home.