Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8 days away from home (August 17th, 2013) - Santa Fe - Part 2

There is a road in Santa Fe that has museums on either side, as well as the botanical garden I shared in a previous post.  You can see what there is if you click here.

It is 12.15 p.m. and we  have just left the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art.  Its history can be found here. After taking a few photos I suddenly thought I should have asked the lady at the front desk if it was okay.  Sadly no photos allowed inside but I understood perfectly.  I apologized and said I should have asked when I first came in.  She was very very gracious telling me that there was a sign but it was a small one and hard to notice. I could take photos outside however.   No photos of the inside but by following the links you can get a good idea of what it was like.  The artifacts collected were magnificent!

The last place I like to visit on my way out is the gift shop.  The lady behind the counter was talking to another customer about Opera and they were discussing Susan Graham, the Mezzo-Soprano who was performing in The Grand Duchess of Garolstein in Santa Fe.  The gentleman she was speaking with told her that his son had a small singing role and they were visiting to see him perform.  Susan Graham was born in New Mexico but raised in Texas and I have seen her perform at our local movie theater when the New York Met have televised live. 

When the gentleman had left and I gave her my purchases, I told her how much I enjoyed those live performances and that started off another conversation as she told me that with the altitude, many of the opera singers who perform in Santa Fe have difficulty singing.  The opera house keeps oxygen back stage for the performers who are affected.  When I told Gregg this we thought this might explain why we have been feeling extra tired and a bit heady.  Santa Fe is 7,199 feet above sea level.  I think for some it takes a while getting used to.  We have been fine ever since.

From this museum we walked next door to the Museum of Indian Art and Culture.  Their link can be found here.

Again we weren't able to take photos inside but what we saw in the sculpture garden captured our attention.  From the nearby marker I read that the statue above is called "Songs of the Past by Allan Houser, Warm Springs Apache.  Bronze 1993.  From the private collection of TIA"

This one read "Kiva Priest by Robert Dale Tsosie, 2003 - Picuris/Navajo - Indiana Limestone - Purchase through Arnold and Doris Roland Purchase Fund."

The mother and child above is shown as "Transcendence, 2007 - Tami Garcia - Santa Clara Pueblo - Bronze - Edition of 12 - Loaned by Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico."

Another mother and child sculpture, "Doug Hyde (Nez Pierce/Assiniboin/Chippewa) - Shared Knowledge - 1986 - Bedford Indiana Limestone - Purchase through New Mexico Arts Division Art in Public Places Program."

Gregg is standing in front of Apache Mountain Spirit Dancer by Craig Dan Goseyun - 1995 - San Carlos Apache - Bronze - Courtesy of Sam and Ethel Ballen.  I will be sharing more of this magnificent statue later.

Unfortunately I don't have any information about this statue.  I usually take photos of markers but missed it somehow.

At the suggestion of the lady in the first museum we visited, we had lunch at the restaurant here, as she said it would be very difficult to find a place to eat in town that day.  We both had salads which were very good and shared a piece of blueberry custard pie.  Sorry, forgot to take those pictures.  After lunch we had a wonderful walk around.  The sculptures outside were very interesting.  Inside was just as fascinating.  

The photo of this cute little dog was taken in Santa Fe.

We had tried to get a room in town earlier but there is a famous yearly Indian Market going on that attracts thousands of people.  You can click here to see what it is all about.  We took a drive through downtown and it was busy, busy, busy but very interesting.  It was a great driving tour as we were in so much traffic we were at a crawl and were able to take everything in.  We both agreed that we will enjoy coming back here one day and staying for a few days.  Here are a few of the photos taken from the car.

I thought the above sign was worthy of sharing.  

Beautiful children dancing in traditional clothing.

Wonderful adobe buildings.

I would have enjoyed taking some of these home with me.

And that was it for our trip to Santa Fe, and here we are on the road again heading to Albuquerque (New Mexico).

We drove on and reached our hotel at 3.48 p.m.  We again slept like a couple of logs that night.  


  1. You sure are having a great trip. The museums and sculptures were great.

  2. Loved the sculptures. The one Gregg is standing in front of is truly awesome. I wonder how the artist carved such a tall statue.

  3. What wonderful pics of the sculptures you saw. Thanks! Happy trails!

  4. Altitude does really make a difference in how one feels! Your pictures all show the beauty of the art of this region and make me feel as if I were back for a visit.♥♫

  5. I'm really enjoying this road trip, Denise! I'm getting to see lots of things I will probably never get to see first hand,so thank you!
    Jane x

  6. I enjoyed these photos. My parents were married in Carlsbad NM in 1941 and Dad took many photos of people, places and things. So long ago. Dianne

  7. The place has an old world charm to it, love the grey towering statue of the girl and mother. Beautiful pictures, loved going through them...

  8. thanks to a couple of bloggers from that area, i enjoy the statuary and art and architecture of this beautiful place often. i bet it is so neat in person.

  9. Thank you for sharing this day with us. It's a shame you can't take pictures inside the two museums, but the sculptures outside are marvelous. I also enjoyed your photos as you drove through downtown.

  10. lovely say a prayer for Jenna my golden very ill

  11. This is so much fun. Our son lived in Espanola, Santa Fe and then Albuquerque. I'm seeing things on your post that we didn't get to see on our trips to visit them.

  12. Thanks for taking us along with you on your trip, virtually speaking of course! Looks like you've been having a lot of fun! Great photos!

  13. Denise, Sante Fe looks like a great city to visit. The museum and sculptures are wonderful. I like the sign and that New Mexico takes care of its land. Great post and photos, have fun!

  14. i am soooo enjoying this trip log!!

    what a wonderful way to keep track of your time and all the special places you are visiting. trying to do this when you arrive home is oh so difficult.

    sounds like you are having a great time and your pictures are wonderful!!

  15. Two things I remember about Santa Fe when I was there in 1986: 1. I remember the natives with their turquoise jewelry --sitting on the ground trying to sell it.. I got some earrings... 2. I remember the altitude since I was at a conference and had trouble walking up and down those hills. I can understand how opera singers would struggle....

    Great post... I love Santa Fe.


  16. such a great journey you're having and I loved the young ones dancing in traditional clothing; they would've been quite hot?

  17. Once again thank you for sharing your journey. I am so enjoying taking this wonderful trip with you. Those statues (sculptures) are truly amazing and those different to anything here in Oz of course. Looking forward to your next post which I know will contain more exciting photos of new places.

  18. We have never been west on our road trips, Denise, but am so enjoying your travel posts. I know that Pat would so enjoy visiting more of the country and seeing as many trains as possible so we may yet get there.

  19. Great collection of photos. Santa Fe is beautiful. The opera there is wonderful. When I was in high school in Albuquerque we took a field trip to the opera venue and got a behind the scenes tour. They told us the lead performers were very high strung and tended to lose it during intermission and they showed us the scream room where they could go in and throw their fit without bothering anybody.

  20. What the great series of the fabulous statues. the destination looking interesting to visit...

  21. We stayed a month in Santa Fe (in our RV) and still didn't see everything in the city, let alone the area around it that we visited while we were there (Taos for one) ...I loved the museums. and we had a pass that allowed us to go to four or five of them at a better rate.