Sunday, August 25, 2013

11th day away from home (August 20th, 2013) - part 2

We were at a view point looking up at the mammoth Checkerboard Mesa in Zion National Park.  

This is one of the parks landmarks.  It is a criss-crossed mountain that towers 900 feet above the road and resembles a checkerboard.   From what I read those crevices that criss-cross are formed by the north to south wind and the vertical cracks are a result of weathering, a cycle of freezing and thawing. This is just one of the many rock formations in this area that leave you in awe, and it is here that we met a wonderful couple we spoke with for almost an hour.  Amazing what you can learn in such a short space of time.

They are permanent RV'ers.  Their full-time home is a recreational vehicle and they have been traveling the country for the last six years.  We asked them all kinds of questions.  Their RV is one of those huge homes on wheels, and as they showed us photos you could see how much they enjoyed their life on the road.  On the back of their RV they carry a motorbike, which they use for side excursions such as this one.   They also attend rallies and get together with other RV owners several times a year and have developed many friendships.  What fun to meet this wonderful couple and part of the enjoyment of our vacation is meeting the many people on our road trip.  They are always willing to share their experiences, and you can learn a lot from them.  

And so we said our goodbyes and toured the park.  There is so much to take in.  We were very lucky to find a parking space as the first one we came to was full, but we were able to slip into a spot that had just been vacated.  After arming ourselves with a couple of bottles of ice-cold water from out of our ice-chest, we had a lovely walk but it was so hot, we knew our limits and didn't want to overdo things.  It is always important to take plenty of water along even on the shortest walk.  There are signs requesting you to do so as people have become quickly dehydrated in this climate.  We spent the rest of the time in our car, very thankful for the air-conditioning.   If you are thinking of visiting the park you can go here for an excellent description.   

And here are a few sights we saw that day.

And here we are back on the road again.  It was another beautiful day!

That evening we reached our hotel in Cedar City, Utah.