Saturday, August 24, 2013

11th day away from home (August 20th, 2013) - part 1

We left the hotel at 9.45 a.m. Last night we spent the night in Kanab, Utah.  We have traveled 3079 miles so far.  Our hotel has a western theme, the door knobs and handles in the room were silver stars like the old time sheriff's badge you see in Westerns and the artwork on the wall were photos of cowboys, cowboy boots, spurs, that kind of thing.  I liked it it and our room was once again very comfortable and the staff very friendly.  I tried to get myself out of the reflection below but you can see me squinting!

We are heading for Zion National Park but first I would like to tell you about this very interesting morning we had before we even left Kanab.  As we usually do after reaching a place in the evening, we like to spend some time the following morning looking around.

We found the Little Hollywood Movie Set Museum which we stumbled upon after stopping to take a look when we saw the sign 'museum'.   Their link is here.  You can also look here for another article on the place.

There were fun western statues outside and that drew our attention also.

When you go through the doors there is a shop full of gift items, clothing, cowboy hats, belts with big buckles, western shirts, boots, postcards and you know I bought a few of those.  There is Turquoise jewelry and a lot more.  Enough to keep you busy browsing for quite a while.

We were told that the museum was through 'that door'.  It is free admission but as you entered there was one of those plastic boxes full of money, and a sign reading on top saying 'donations'.  You just put whatever cash you felt like putting in.   And so we stepped through the door and what a lovely surprise.  It was like stepping into an old Western frontier town.  These were actually sets for old movies.  A lot of Hollywood westerns for both the movies and TV series were filmed on these old sets; Stagecoach, the Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Daniel Boone, El Dorado,  The Outlaw Josey Wales, Sergeants 3, and even though I don't think the following movie is in the western theme, Planet of the Apes.

Here are a few of the photos taken.  In the first photo Gregg was a guest in the local jail for a while.  He wasn't too happy with his cell mate.

Thank you nice fellow tourist who took this picture for us.

We also visited Boot Hill and on reading the headstones we were on our best behavior.

"Two Gun Ray, he was slow that day."

Here lies Mick, shot for singing too loud in church.

I took a lot more photos and I'll be sharing another post about this place and also about the town of Kanab, but probably not until we get home.

It has jumped 42 degrees, from 50 to 92 degrees in three hours.  

Well, I've seen it all now, at 12.13 p.m. when we were on the road I saw a cowboy taking pictures with his iPad.  He was standing at the side of his car and taking a photo of the beautiful scenery.  On this trip I have seen a lot of people using an iPad for photos.  I do it myself.  I'm very happy with the results, though I haven't used the zoom feature on it.