Friday, August 23, 2013

10th day away from home (August 19th, 2013)

7:16 a.m. we are leaving the hotel in Williams, Arizona.
It is a beautiful sunny day, the temperature is 57°F.  My kind of weather but I know it will be heating up considerably during the day.

We decided to drive through the historic part of Williams.
The historic Rt. 66 used to go through the town.  We stopped by the sign and took photos here and there.  If you click here it will tell you about the history of the town.  An Aunt and Uncle of Gregg used to live in Williams at one time, but they moved years ago.     

We are on the road again heading towards the Grand Canyon at 7:56 a.m.Mid morning we stopped at the Grand Canyon Red Lake Hostel for gas.  I stayed in the car while Gregg filled it with gas and he went into the store to pay.  He bought me a Rt. 66 mug for our collection back home.  We usually buy one when on our travels. 

Only a few feet away there was this interesting sight.  A line of mailboxes.  

8.45 a.m. and we arrived at the Grand Canyon.  At our first overlook we met a young Italian couple who offered to take our photo. People see us setting up the tripod and more often than not ask if we would like them to take our photo.  We of course offer to do the same.  

We met a father and daughter at another overlook who were on the way to Texas.  She was heading to school and this was a special father/daughter journey.  

Soon after that we met a French couple, and so it went on, meeting people from not only the United States but from many parts of the world.

We kept our eyes open for birds and saw lots of hawks flying around.  I actually saw this unidentified bird but it was heavily covered in a tangle of branches....

and flew off without me being able to identify it.  It was blue, that's all I can say.

There were rock squirrels who were very brave sitting on the edge of many a long drop.  They had a better head for heights than I did.

Fascinating little things, very comfortable in their lofty surroundings and happy to pose.

About 11.30 a.m our son called. We lost the connection a couple of times but managed a decent conversation, telling him where we were on our journey.  He has been here before so had a good idea of our surroundings and it was fun chatting for a while.  

On the way in we saw this sign but no mountain lions were spotted today.  

12.01 p.m.  it started raining hard for the first time since we left Tennessee. We had seen a big dark cloud in the distance with rumblings of thunder and heavy streaks of lightning.  We seemed to keep ahead of it most of the time.  It caught up with us when we had been down at the Tower.  I will be sharing more about the Tower in another post.  

There was a good walk back to the car but the rain was very refreshing and didn't bother us at all.

We made our way around the the other overlooks and eventually found ourselves heading to Kenab, Utah where we were staying the night.

We stopped for lunch at 2.30 p.m. at a service center.  There were Native Indian children at the deli with their parents and the gentleman behind the counter was also Native Indian.

We finally reached 3028 miles in our journey at 4.40 p.m. and we reached the hotel in Kanab, Utah at around 7.00 p.m.

This journey only affirms to me how much I enjoy being in the Southwest.  


  1. Great photos, Denise. I am enjoying your tour. David and I plan to see the Grand Canyon via helicopter, which lifts off in Phoenix. We want to do this after we see Lisa graduate in 2015.

  2. I was just telling my daughter how I'd like to visit the Grand Canyon. Love the scenery and your bird shots, too. Enjoy.

  3. There is nothing like the Grand Canyon. Great pics and commentary.

  4. What a great post, history, animals birds and even better to me the Grand Canyon. Have a good weekend, Diane

  5. Denise,those views took my breath away..I cannot imagine how it must have felt being there!
    Jane x

  6. I think I'll become an armchair traveler've spoiled me and I enjoy your photos so much. Looking forward to each day's post. Of course this day's was probably your yesterday's, but it's kind of immortalized here so it could have been years ago. What a great journal of a journey!

  7. love the stone buildings! and cute little squirrels! :)

  8. Your camera shows the amazing blue skies that are also in Colorado! The Grand Canyon must be beautiful in person, but I would not be so close to the sides as those little critters.♥♫

  9. Wow, Denise, what fun! I have always been fascinated with Route 66 and its history. The Grand Canyon...what spectacular views! I love the squirrel photos. In one photo the squirrel looks spotted, and I have never seen a spotted squirrel before. What a treat! He even posed for you in one of the photos! :)
    What a fun tour! Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. What a great trip across the country! Our national parks are the best place to meet people from all over the world. In Yellowstone last week, we meet an avid wolf photographer from Japan, a German couple, and folks from every corner of the U.S..
    Kanab is usually our last stop before visiting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

  11. You got some amazing photos that make me really wish I would travel. Maybe someday. Love that you are taking us along with you for this journey and I love seeing where you are and what you are doing day by day. You make it all so interesting!

  12. Wonderful photos! Really amazing! Seems you have a lot of fun! Wish you a great journey!!!

  13. HI Denise, another great report on your vacation. The photos are awesome, love the shot of you & Gregg at the Grand Canyon overlook. I am not sure but maybe your bird bird is the Western Scrub-jay. Have fun and safe travels.

  14. I'm loving this trip. The squirrel is a real trooper.

    The row of mailboxes reminds me of my oldest son, who drunk in high school (after a party) mowed down a row of mailboxes. His father called me and said, "Do you know what your son did tonight?" When he did something wrong, he was my son.

    I have flown over the GC many times, but never saw it from the ground. I think I would die if I looked over the edge. You can thank John McCain for getting those helicopter flights over the canyon banned.

    Gregg is getting very brown from the western sun. David enjoyed the old oldsmobile. Dianne

  15. Oh wow. Thank you for taking us on this epic road trip. Love your happy smiles.

  16. Awesome seeing the grand canyon backdrop in your photos today, Denise. We hope one day to make this road trip, but next month will do our first Niagara Falls trip...then we shall see. Interesting all the people you met and we expect to do the same on our trip as well. The downtown area of Williams looked very uncontested.

  17. Your trip is bringing back many wonderful memories. We passed through Williams after we left the Grand Canyon, and we saw many of the sights you've pictured. We stopped at Hoover Dam that same day and spent the night near Las Vegas. We went on to Kenab the next day.

  18. I think you saw a scrub jay in the tree there Denise.

    We never pick up hitchhikers, but that guy with his knee sticking out there on Rte 66, I might just make an exception for ;>))).

    Love how you are seeing this beautiful country and meeting lovely people all along as you go. You're making the very most of your trip; that's the only way to go!!!!

  19. You're covering quite a distance, Denise!
    I'm enjoying the tour with you and glad you can note all the details and exchange conversations with those you meet along the way. It will be good to look back on when you get back home. The Grand Canyon is magnificent.

  20. Looks like an exciting trip! Enjoy!
    God bless you!

  21. Hi Denise... Wow what a view there is there!! I love the route 66 visit that looks like interesting!! That sure brings back some memories!!
    Cool looking Squirrel ; }


  22. The Grand Canyon! It's amazing isn't it . . . cannot really be captured with photos. I think you found a Western Scrub Jay - that blue bird. Noisy critters, but very pretty. Your photos are reminding me of some good times a few years back at the Grand Canyon.

  23. Fabulous shots of the canyon. I loved it there we stayed in a cabin there it was wonderful. love your header too.

  24. Denise, LOL, come one down! there's plenty of room! Lovely views of the canyon as well. BTW, your blue bird is a Western Scrub jay! BTW, you both look so happy together! I am so glad you are enjoying your trip. It is going to take me awhile get caught up with it all but eventually I will get there!