Thursday, July 25, 2013

Williamsburg, VA - Part 1

We made a trip to Colonial Williamsburg last Monday.  We had to wait around for two guys to finish off the trim on our garage door first but they had come and gone by noon and we were out the door soon after.  It has been a while since we've been to this quaint little town.  You can read all about it here.

We remembered a small parking lot near the center of the town.  You can park there for two hours and we thought that would be enough time for our walk.  We are going to be be bringing English friends here in September and we wanted a refresher on the lay of the land.  The first thing we saw were these beautiful horses and we made our way over.  I will just post a couple of horse photos today and more later.  They were gorgeous and it wasn't long before one came over to say hello.

When we got to the main street if we turned right it would have taken us to the shops, if we turned left it took us towards the historical area.  We turned left and these are some of the houses that we saw there.

This man had just told Gregg that we needed a ticket to go further along the street.  This was good to know as I don't remember having to do that the last time we were here.  The tickets also get us into the historical houses.  

Two of the young ladies taking time out for a chat and a rest.  The humidity was very high that day.  I don't know how they managed in those long clothes but they looked very pretty dressed in Colonial clothing.

Gregg got a picture of this Colonial Gentleman.....

who touched finger to hat, nodded and smiled and said, "Good day to you Mistress"  as he walked by.  I smiled.

Oh those old world manners!

Do you see that smile?  I wonder what Gregg would look like in a tricorner hat and breeches?  He's retired now, maybe I can persuade him to get a summer job here?  You think?