Friday, July 12, 2013

On a rainy day looking for Elk in Benezette, Pennsylvania.....

I didn't think that there was any hope of finding any kind of wildlife, let alone elk in that awful weather.  The rain was torrential and I felt for sure any smart elk would have sought shelter under a tree or found a cave somewhere.  We had driven down from Niagara Falls and were on our way home but we took a detour.   I had heard of the elk herd here and when I mentioned it to Gregg some time ago, we were eager to check the place out and added it to our planned road trip.

We had already cut our time in Canada short because of the weather, and had driven the whole way in heavy rain.  By the time we got there it was late afternoon.  Finding a look-out point Gregg braved  the elements.  I didn't think there was a hope so I stayed tightly welded to the passenger seat. Gregg, as stalwart as ever, was going to check it out and was outside for quite a while.  He looks like he is enjoying himself doesn't he?  Indeed he was, very, very wet but having fun with the rain pelting down on his head, and enjoying the scenery while looking for anything that moved.

Nope, no elks there he said.....

but we're not going home without seeing at least one elk.

Here's a sculpture near the visitor center.  The center was a large building and would have been worth taking a look, except that it was closed by the time we arrived.

As we rounded the parking lot to head home again, we came across an animal that at first we thought was a horse I kid you not.  In our defense the rain made looking out of the side windows a bit of a challenge.

No it wasn't a horse, it was an elk.  He was a busy munching machine, looked up for a few seconds, then getting down to the important stuff.  Looks like he was used to people staring at him eating.

It was pretty exciting to be near one close enough to see the food in its mouth, but......

thank you for closing your mouth while eating!

After a while he took off across the parking lot.  The visitor center building is on the left.

We went on the other side of the parking lot and came across another.  Same thing, too busy eating to look up and pose.

Here's the other one in the bushes by now waiting for us to leave.

It was fun seeing them.....


they were real cute up close.

They sure were beautiful animals.   

We decided to leave them to their munching and once again head for home.

Much to our surprise while driving along a quiet road, we came across two more in someone's front yard......

and of course we had to stop.

The rain didn't let up once but they didn't seem to mind.

and we got to see our Elk in Benezette, Pennsylvania.  We will be going back one day, hopefully in dryer weather.


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