Friday, July 26, 2013

CAMERA CRITTERS - Williamsburg - Part 3 - Horses

Earlier I showed you a couple of photos of the horses we found across the road from where we parked our car.   We don't get the opportunity to be this close to them usually, in fact it's a rare event.  At first they were munching on grass in the middle of the field but when they saw us, I'm sure they thought we would have something tasty for them to eat, an apple, a carrot, a sugar cube perhaps?   What do they have for treats these days?  

I'm sorry to say we didn't have anything like that.

Look at those eye lashes and those beautiful eyes.

It wasn't long before we were joined by a group of people, families, some with children eager to scratch the horse's face.

They seemed to enjoy the attention and didn't shy away at all, obviously well used to humans big and small.

Smile!  No problem, we were all smiling.  Who couldn't help but smile in such wonderful company.

That's my arm Gregg took a photo of.....

and the back of my hat.  It used to be called a sunhat but now Gregg calls it my horse-petting hat.

This was the starting point of a very enjoyable time in Williamsburg.  We left these beautiful animals to their munching of grass and walked the short distance into town.


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