Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Butterfly Conservatory at Niagara Falls - Part 2

I had lots of butterfly photos to share from the Butterfly Conservatory, and have two other posts which you can see here and here if you missed them.  You can also click here to go to the conservatory's home page.  I am also linking up with Michelle's Nature Notes.  Click on her button to see other amazing things in nature from around the world, and thank you Michelle for hosting such a wonderful meme.

I identify the butterflies when I can.  If they aren't ID'd then you know I have tried my hardest.  I have a couple of books which I pour through continuously.  I also look online.  This is a big butterfly called a "Denise".  She can be found usually with an enormous smile on her face around other butterflies, the biggest smile she has is one around another big butterfly called a "Gregg".   He's the darling of all butterflies and they travel in pairs usually passing a big black box between them at various intervals.

You will notice that this photo is being used for my present header shot.  The beauty on the right is the Cairns Birdwing Butterfly.   The one on the left is the Postman (Heliconius melpomene).

The same butterfly - Cairns Birdwing - and the Zebra Heliconian on the right.

Still as yet unidentified.  A Swallowtail of some kind.

Zebra Heliconian

Another view of a Cairns Birdwing Butterfly

Zebra Longwing

Several Owl Butterflies enjoying a plate of sliced oranges and bananas.

A close-up of the Owl Butterfly.  What I always find fascinating is its proboscis which you can see drinking the juice from the orange.  When it is resting that same proboscis is wound up like a spring.

The same butterfly but this time it has a friend on the left.   From looking at similar butterflies I think this is a Grey Variable Cracker

I have searched and searched but haven't found this one yet.

A Leopard Lacewing

Orange Julia Butterfly

Golden Heliconid (Heliconius hecalet)

Rice Paper Butterfly (also known as  a White Tree Nymph)  Idea Luconoe

Here's the other big butterfly I mentioned at the beginning of my post.  A smaller butterfly decided to land on top of his head for a chat.  The larger one is called a "Gregg".  Don't know what the smaller one on top of his head  is called.

Emerald Swallowtail

Yet to be identified

This one also.

If I have misidentified any of these beautiful creatures, please let me know.  I am a novice at so many things, identifying butterflies is one of them.


  1. Haha Denise what humor!

    Okay, the unnamed one is probably called "lui" ;-)

  2. fabulous array! loved the green swallowtail! cute big butterflies, too. :)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous shots, Denise. Butterflies are so incredibly fascinating - often such short lives as butterflies. There must be a purpose . . .

  4. The two "biggest" butterflies must be of the flutterby variety! Taking our first graders to the Butterfly Pavilion near Denver was the best field trip! Maybe I should return because a new camera was delivered today! Sarah and Alex said it is a retirement gift-one that has more features than my phone! It's difficult to select a favorite, but the emerald swallowtail and zebras might be mine.♥♫

  5. Denise, awesome photos of all the butterflies. I love the shot of Gregg with the butterfly on his head, very cute! Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  6. Those are some bright and spectacular spices there. I had some images from a butterfly house. One smuggled itself into my hood and done its great escape in the car when I removed my coat. My better half screamed so hard even the air in the tyres nearly upped and left...

  7. Fantastic photos ! I love butterfly's and yet have never been to the conservatory we have over this way in Hamilton Ontario . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  8. I always thought you were an English Rose, not a butterfly.{:))

  9. haha The photograph of the butterfly on Gregg's head reminds me of the butterfly that lighted on Bob's head, when we were at the Butterfly Conservatory.

  10. Wow... I loved seeing all the butterfly and friends photos... I need to make a trip to this... It probably is an hour away.... Michelle

  11. You and Gregg had a ball at that butterfly garden. Loved the photo of Gregg. So funny.

  12. The "The Butterfly Conservatory at Niagara Falls is a wonderful place to visit. I am fortunate to have been there twice. Enjoyed seeing your photos of these beautiful butterflies.

  13. Beautiful shots of colorful butterflies.

  14. Gracious! All these shots are fabulous, but I confess the one with Gregg is my favorite.

  15. Another glorious post.
    The Orange Julia reminded me of our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who is a red head. The butterfly is more beautiful though.

  16. These are spectacular, especially that first one where you caught the action in midair. And I had to laugh at that one that landed on Gregg's head.

  17. Wow, great shots of the different beautiful butterflies.

  18.  Hi! Stunning beautiful place! Nice butterfly shots. I enjoyed theseyour posts very much.

  19. Wow, they're all so lovely and marvelously captured! I love their colors too.