Thursday, June 13, 2013

Road tripping.....

Gregg and I have been on a road trip which we enjoyed immensely.  To tell the truth we would have been gone longer except for the weather.  We had a great time but decided even though we were having fun, driving in off and on torrential downpours was not fun.  Fortunately we had a couple of nice days while away but all this liquid sunshine has followed us down to Virginia.  As I look outside it has gone really dark and we are being promised thunderstorms.  

On our trip we got as far as Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.  The hotel we stayed at overlooked the Falls and the view was spectacular.  Our stay was memorable.  We were there two days, one of which was lovely and sunny, the other just cloudy.  From there we were heading for Toronto.  We came to a crossroad, it was pouring and from the weather report was not going to let up.  Left took you to Toronto, right took you over the bridge and back to the States. We could see and had heard that the bad weather was socked in.  Right there and then we decided we would leave Toronto for another day and head back home.  Our drive took us through New York State, Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Traveling more extensively through those places made us look forward to road tripping when Gregg is retired, and as always we say the fun is also in the journey.

Between the two of us I can't tell you how many photos we took, a bazillion and I will be posting some of them when I get them all organized.

The photo above was taken in Hamberg, New York, where we stopped for lunch.  It was such a pretty little town and the restaurant we chose was a great choice, not the one you can barely see in the photo.  We parked outside a Mexican Restaurant which looked really cute, but our tastes that day were for relatively plain food.   More later.