Friday, June 14, 2013

CAMERA CRITTERS - The Rottweiler Convention in Niagara Falls

This could easily be titled 'The Rottweiler Convention.'

We arrived in Niagara Falls at around 2.30 p.m. where we checked into our hotel and left unopened luggage in our room.  Shortly afterwards we found ourselves on the Promenade, and after an hour or two we spotted this interesting sight.  Gregg shot these photos of a group of Rottweilers with their human companions.  They all looked like they were enjoying their stroll, very orderly and well mannered.  No jumping or straining, no jibber-jabbering,  and those beautiful dogs behaved themselves too, says I with a smile. 

So there we are with the glorious Horseshoe and American Falls at the side of us, and what are we taking photos of?  Those beautiful dogs of course.  In our defense we had already been enjoying that spectacular wonder, not only the Falls but also loving people watching, and dog watching as it turned out.  Everyone was in a very happy frame of mind.

The dogs disappeared out of sight and we continued our walk along the Promenade.  We intended to ride back to our hotel on the Incline Railway.  I remembered it was nearby and that it would take us back to very near our hotel.  We had walked  what I thought of as the long way coming down and it was easy really, we had been sitting in the car for several hours, it was great getting out for a good long walk and it was all downhill.  Several years ago when my sister and niece were visiting we had an all-girls weekend,  having another memorable drive from Virginia and spending a long weekend in Niagara Falls.  I remember taking the Incline Railway back to our hotel, which made it an easier walk.  However, when we looked for it this time we discovered it wasn't running.  I read later that they are building a new one and it had not yet opened.   All things work out because feeling the need for a sit-down and a drink, we stopped off at a cafe on the opposite side of the road and look what greeted us?  The Rottweiler Convention!

My weary feet were talking to me and I was happy to grab a table very close to the dogs and their companions, while Gregg went inside and bought our drinks.  We were very thirsty and it didn't take us long to get through them.  In the meantime I was having a good time watching those beautiful dogs.  Gregg was also enjoying taking photos of them, and one of me as it turned out.  You know I am feeling tired when I don't have a camera in my hand.....

except that I did take a few with my cell phone.  Do you like this one I took of the American Falls?  You can see it way over there in the background.  One of the group had gone into the cafe and had brought out a large bowl of water to pass around.  I still looked thirsty and the nice gentleman offered it to me but I declined.  The spectacle of me getting on all fours and diving in face first just didn't float my boat, although I am sure Gregg would have been there to take a photo.

Just like us they enjoyed their drink and also a good rest.

Photo taking time and please note I took another photo of the American Falls and of the lady taking photos of the dogs.

At first I thought all these well-behaved Rottweilers were service dogs, they were so gentle and well-behaved.  When I asked I was told that they were a group of people in a Rottweiler Club and had gotten together to enjoy a day out with their dogs.

And I fell in love!

It gave us great joy to know, after observing the loving affection both humans and four-legged friends gave each other, that they were all very much loved.

And how loved they were.  

It was worth hiking up that gigantic hill and getting that enormous blister just for this.   Gregg did a great job of doctoring a sore toe when we got back to the hotel, and didn't he take some great photos?  Mental note to myself, don't be in such a rush to get down to the Falls and forget to wear your socks.  Happily I didn't forget my shoes.


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