Friday, June 21, 2013

A ramble and no photos.....gasp!

Monday:  ?????  For the life of me I can’t remember what we did.  Oh well!  I should start writing these ‘rambles’ as each day goes by. 

Tuesday:   I went to my old place of work.  I worked there for six years and it’s been several years since I ‘retired’.  It’s like another life-time away when I walk through the door.  I didn’t see anything that I wanted to buy.  Let me rephrase that, the pieces I did pick up didn’t have a price on them and when I asked it was not for sale, as were several other pieces I liked.  When I asked again the girl behind the counter said, if there isn't a price on them they are for display purposes only and not for sale, that's usually how it works. What the heck, what bizarro world is that in?  I found it a tad frustrating as everything I was interested in was 'display only' but not marked 'display only', it was a guessing game of let's see if this is for sale.

It wasn’t a total non-event, I picked up a few packets of English sausages and when I got home I popped them in the freezer.  They are home-made by an English chap who makes theme specially for the shop which is of a British theme.  He's been making them for years, since long before I started working there.  They are the next best thing to buying them from home.

I, along with another friend who came with me, visited a friend of ours on the way back.  She has been quite poorly lately.  She’s on the mend though and I gave her one of my packets of sausages for her to share with her hubby for tea later.  The friend I came with made a lunch which I had popped into an ice-chest in the boot of my car.  She also bought 'pop' from the shop.  She had put together delicious tea sandwiches, pickled onions and crisps she had also bought from the shop, and had made mince pies.  All delicious!  Our sick friend had one of her other friends visiting at the same time, we stretched lunch out as there was more than enough and we enjoyed a nice little tea party and a good old chin-wag!

Wednesday:   Gregg and I went into Washington DC to visit the Genome Exhibit at the Natural History Museum.  We couldn’t find a parking spot so walked a few blocks from the underground parking lot. It never fails us.  Quite a walk but we always enjoy the exercise.  There were a lot of tour buses around today, many for the hundreds of people listening to speakers from the Tea Party.  We could hear them over the loudspeakers.  We could also see them on the steps of The Capitol Building.  There was a huge crowd in the distance but didn’t go over.  We headed for the steps of the museum instead.

The genome exhibit was very interesting and we enjoyed walking through it and reading all the information. I'll share photos at a later date.

It may seem a bit strange but I always head for the live insect exhibit.  We had to go through the bone exhibit to get to it, full of skeletons of every species imaginable, including ours.  There was also one of Egyptian artifacts. 

Once we made it to the insects there were dozens of children in there.  Along with the Tea Party there were several school parties too.  Because of the children they had about a dozen insects out of their cases that you could handle if you wished.  I stood a little too long looking at the Madagascar Cockroach as the lady asked me if I would like to hold one.  Much to my surprise I heard myself saying, “Would love to, yes please!” at which she placed it in the palm of my hand.  It felt like the time I held a little sand crab at the beach to show some visiting children but that was years ago. 

I enjoyed getting up close and personal to this foreigner to our shores, and when she asked for it back I found myself not wanting to, to study it a little longer.  But there were eager hands longing to take their turn and so this big kid handed it back so that the little kids could enjoy the experience.  I looked for Gregg and couldn’t find him….hmmmm……I didn’t even get a photo of me holding a HUGE cockroach.  Just as well I suppose :)  Onto the cricket and the centipede exhibit, but no tarantulas today.

Thursday:  Stayed around the house for most of the day.  We did pop out for an ice-cream later and treated ourselves to a Sundae.  Lovely treat!  Nothing much else to say about this day but that it was a good one.

Friday :  this is my day for housework as we are expecting a visitor for the weekend, the grandson of one of Gregg’s cousins is arriving from Colorado.  He will be attending the University of Maryland and Gregg is going to show him around to try and find an apartment these next two days.  Our guest will be leaving on Monday. 

Next week Gregg will be starting back to work.  It’s been lovely having him home over the last couple of weeks.  We are doing our count-down for retirement at the end of September and this holiday at home, with a short trip up to Niagara Falls and lots of day outings, has been lovely.  


  1. Your week was lovely, Denise, though I would NOT hold a cockroach on my palm. Ugh. You must be crazy. Lol.

  2. i bet the grandson of his cousin will be grateful for the orientation and help!

  3. Sound like a busy and fun week! The museum is one of my favorites, love it there! Enjoy your weekend, happy summer!

  4. What a wonderful week. You are very busy. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  5. A happy full summer week for you. You were brave holding a giant cockroach. So you have had a taste of retirement over the last few weeks. It will be great for you two as you are so adventurous. Roll on September. It is cold here, sweaters and slacks weather. yesterday was wet and miserable but we have blue sky and sunshine today. Just as well we are off to a birthday bear lunch.

  6. You lead such full lives - lovely. Long may it continue.

  7. It sounds as if you've had a busy week, Denise. Hope you have a good weekend with your guest and all the best for Gregg going back to work next week.

  8. Denise, that sounded like a busy week and even without photos I can imagine the color and fun in it.

    Some days we simply dream and live our photographic lives. Mine is simply forsaken. I better get my butt off my workdesk and update my blog ;-)