Saturday, May 25, 2013


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As in previous weeks my flowers were found at The United States Botanical Garden in Washington DC.  If you go here the link will take you to their home page.

Well, I guess we all know this is a fern of some kind but I couldn't find a marker so I don't know what type it is.

Hohenbergia stellata - Bromeliad Family - Bromeliacaea  - Venezuela, Trinidad, Brazil

Orange Jessamine - Murraya paniculata - "Lakeview" - Citrus Family - Rutaceae


(A message that will be repeated every week.)

I wish to show my appreciation for all the participants in the previous week's Today's Flowers Meme, by sharing their links here.  I always try hard not to make any mistakes but please let me know if there are any, the same if I have missed anyone.  I do make the occasional mistake and I have already been made aware of one or two.  Believe me, I appreciate it as I like to get things correct.  The links are in the order they were received on the home page.  Consequently, this list won't be alphabetical.  Clicking on the names will take you to their blogs.

With my thanks to last week's participants who were:

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Today's Flowers was created by our good friend Luiz Santilli, Jr.

TF teamPupo - Sandy Carlson - Denise

If anyone would like to be a guest and share photos on our home page, details can be found at the top of Today's Flowers web site, which you will find here.


I am also linking up with Tina's Weekend Flowers which you can find at her blog here.


and also Mona's Floral Love which you can find here.

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  1. Beautiful flowers. But, I love that first shot.

  2. This is such a gorgeous meme. I love it - thank you. And I agree with Rajesh - that is a stunning photo of the fern.

  3. The flowers are beautiful but I love your perspective on the fern.
    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  4. the fern photo is awesome! the red flower is beautiful and unusual. have a great weekend!

  5. A great shot of the fern from that angle, Denise. Have a good weekend!

  6. Hello
    the red flower is amazing !
    Bye Myriam :)

  7. vackra bilder, jag gillade ormbunken est. ser ut som en vas.
    Ha en fin lördag
    Kram Meta

  8. Gorgeous flowers and photos, Denise! I would love to visit this garden some day. Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!

  9. Yes, I like the first shot. Clever of you to take the fern that way.

  10. Beautiful and distinctive shots. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  11. Hi! Your flower photos are very exquisite.
    Thank you for hosting.

  12. Your fern shot is very fun! Great perspective!

  13. that fern photo is amazing Denise, wow!!!

  14. Great shot of the Fern Denise. Very artistic setup.

  15. Hi Denise...That first one of the fern is super cool!!
    Lovely to see these cherry photo's is raining bucket's here!!

  16. Love the fern shot -- very creative!

  17. Enjoying your shots. Those are beauties, Denise.

  18. Beautiful plants. I just love the orange blossom.
    Great new header, Denise! It's such a peaceful looking spot.

  19. Gorgeous shots. Hope you'd find time to visit my Ixora.

  20. I really love that fern picture -- it looks as if you could fall into it -- a magic path to another world perhaps!

    Thanks so much for hosting the meme!

  21. I liked the fern capture very much. Very well taken.

  22. so schöne Blumen..toll eingefangen mit der Kamera

    LG vom katerchen

  23. Beautiful flowers but I also love the fern!

  24. I like all these three plants. The bromelead flowers are so gorgeous! Nice captures, as always!

  25. Hi Denise, I got an entry today. Pretty crazy when my camera is not working and I have to use the phone cam which is not that good.

    I love your fern shot.
    And happy memorial day!

  26. A unique perspective of the fern shot!
    Beautiful blooms this week Denise!
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  27. I really like the color and shape of the Jessamine. Thanks for sharing and hosting. :)

  28. Sorry for visiting rather late! I’m so happy to be here to view your gorgeous flowers!
    ♥ thanks for joining Floral Love!

  29. Gorgeous flowers! I wish I had some of that orange jessamine outside my bedroom window! :-)

    I am WAY behind with everyone...just plugging away slowly trying to get caught up eventually! :-)

  30. A green tunnel! love the fern shot.