Monday, May 27, 2013

Wishing you a safe and happy Memorial Day

My Memorial Day Weekend post was done yesterday.  If you didn't see it and would like to, you can click here.  I am once again thanking all Veterans.  We have many in our family, both sides of the Atlantic.  Their stories have been passed down to us, along with memories of fallen comrades and we have passed them down to our son, as he will to his future children.  They will always be remembered with much love, respect and pride.  


A week ago, in the later part of the day we decided to take a drive over to Meadowlark Gardens for an afternoon stroll.  It was a hot one, very muggy, and the weather forecasters had promised us temperatures in the low 90s.  I could believe it but that day it didn't seem to bother us that much.  We usually start down the left-hand path, this time we took the right as it promised more shade.  

Gregg said let's go sit near 'our' pond and that's what we did.  By the time we got there we had had quite a good walk and we were ready to sit down for a spell in the Adirondack chairs provided.  We soaked up the heat, enjoyed listening to the bullfrogs, the birds singing and the fish occasionally making splashing sounds as they came to the surface.  Dragonflies danced and we even saw a Hummingbird Moth, along with a solitary turtle.  There were absolutely no people on this side of the garden.  We were there during a week day and I said to Gregg this would be a dream spot for a thatched cottage, or a log cabin. There were a few people walking around but not on this side.  Here it is more secluded and has a wilder look as it is designed with native plants.   We have loved all our walks at the Garden but this time we both agreed, this was kind of special.