Thursday, May 30, 2013

A walk around our favorite garden.....Part 2

Continuing our walk around the pond I wrote about a couple of posts back, Gregg had already reached the chairs.  I was still on the other side taking photographs of wild flowers when I heard him calling me.

By the time I caught up with him he was enjoying reading on his IPhone.  Times have changed haven't they, when you can carry a huge book, hundreds of books in fact, inside your pocket?

But some things remain the same, even in this electronic world we both still enjoy reading a good old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness book, where you can open the pages and turn to chapter one.  This is when we are usually at home and take a book down from the bookcase.

Our pond.

"If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water."
~Loren Eisley~

This photo I am using for my present header.

We were fascinated by these formations growing out of the ground.  They are called "Cypress Knees".

The description on the nearby marker read, "One feature of the Bald Cypress Tree (Taxodium distichum), is the presence of the "Cypress Knees".

The "Knees" are part of the root system and add stabilization to the tree.  The "Knees" are also believed to provide oxygen to the roots during flood conditions."

After spending some time sitting we decided it was time to walk back up to the visitor center and head for home.  This is the gazebo we often visit while here.  You may be able to spot Gregg if you enlarge the photo.  

We spotted Grandpa Turtle swimming just under the surface.  The koi were not to be found here where they usually are but later we spotted them on the other end of the lake.  You can buy fish food at the visitor center.  Probably the lack of koi is due to the lack of people feeding them.  

Not sure what this bird is.  We often see Red-wing Blackbirds in the area.  Maybe this is the female.  The birds we saw but didn't get photos of were a Brown Thrasher and also a Baltimore Oriole.  Way too fast for both of us.  They disappeared in the time it took us to reach for our cameras.  We did take some sketchy photos of the Barn Swallows flying over the lake.  Not that long ago they used to build their nests inside the gazebo but I think this has been discouraged as nesting now seems to be taking place underneath.  There were also a lot of Robins about.

We saw a notice on the door at the visitor center when we first arrived.  It was meant for a wedding photographer and later we saw bride and groom at the edge of the lake, maybe waiting for her/him.  We passed the occasional person dressed up for a wedding walking along the path, but it was very quiet otherwise.  I am assuming that the wedding was over with and a few guests decided to enjoy the scenery before they left for home.  Those boxes in the background are for the birds and there are steel funnels attached to stop predators from climbing up to the nests.

I don't know what this flower is unless it is the yarrow mentioned in an earlier post.  It was growing on the edge of the grass next to the lake.

The plant with the purple leaves is called Oxalis triangularis, otherwise known as Love plant or Purple Shamrock.  According to what I read it is a native of Brazil and prefers light shade and moist but well-drained soil.

A sculpture of a parent and child.  I have taken its photo from many different angles but decided to  try one from behind today.

The peonies were blooming profusely.  I will be sharing more on other posts.

The closest I could get to a name for this white flower was the Trailing blackberry.  If you disagree please let me know.  It looks very close to what I found here.

I guess I will know for sure when we go back and discover the birds enjoying the fruit.  Did you ever pick them as a child?  My Mum, my Sister and I would walk down our country lanes and get tons of wild blackberries off the hedgerows to eat later in a bowl with cream or if Mum made one of her pies.  Now those are good memories.

Wild Iris.....

and wild tendrils shooting out and producing pretty leaves, what kind I have no clue.  I do have a book on trees to look through but I'm tired tonight and need to get to bed.  It is well after midnight.  My concentration will be better in the morning after a good night's sleep.

A cute squirrel climbing up to a nest high up in the tree tops....

and this one waiting for us on the deck when I opened the curtains wide and opened the door on our return home.  I threw out his peanuts shortly afterwards because I am well-trained.  How can you not throw out peanuts when you get looked at like that?

It was a great walk around the garden and I hope you have enjoyed it too.  I have a lot more flowers to share at another time.


  1. Wonderful images, I like a lot the romantic couple, those chairs with the amazing pond view and the bench with the two beautiful sculptures!

  2. That was a truly lovely walk through spectacular gardens. Thank you.

  3. Of all the photos, I loved the one of the pink peonies and the one of the squirrel on your deck. Just wonderful, Denise! You are such a good photographer.

  4. Denise, thanks for the lovely walk. The pond, flowers and birds are all wonderful sights. I agree about the female redwing blackbird. Beautiful photos!

  5. Awesome pictures, Denise. Every one a winner! I like the one of hubby reading his iPhone.

  6. What a pretty place!! I do believe you have a female Red-winged blackbird in your shot!

  7. What a lovely peaceful place Denise.
    I am sure Gregg was asleep.{:))

  8. You have a lovely retreat there. I could imagine reading my book there for hours and hours. Lovely

  9. Great walk, amazing pictures.

    My Cajun friends used to tell me that chopping cypress kneees with an axe is a great hangover cure. I never tried it but then I haven't had a hangover in decades either.

    I love stealing photos of weddings and the participants.

  10. A lovely lovely series of shots!

  11. i like your deck welcomer. :)

    such a great area to spend some time soaking in nature's beauty.

  12. Lovely header, Denise, and fascinating to learn about Cypress knees. Mother Nature is a clever old bird. It's a very pretty garden - no wonder it's one of your favourite places.

  13. It's easy to see why this garden is a favorite of yours. It's beautiful. I like your picture of the gazebo, and I did see Gregg. We have a stovepipe guard on our bluebird nesting box.

  14. your images are so pretty, it looks like heaven on earth!!

    you are so lucky to have someone to share your walks and special moments with!!

    looks like a great spot for wedding pictures!!

  15. Love the header! What a magical place told beautifully by your series of photos Denise.

  16. It really was a great walk.. and that bench is a heavenly spot to sit and read (the joy of electronic reading is always having a book with you!)..We too still read 'real' ones at home though.

    We have blackberries in our yard (our RV Park) in Oregon and still love picking them just as you did as a child.

    Beautiful flower and bird shots. (And can't forget your little pet squirrel)>

  17. Or maybe the koi were steering clear of the turtle. He looked very formidable.