Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A walk around our favorite garden - Part 1

It is a beautiful morning here in Virginia.  I am going out for a walk with friends and then we're getting together at one of their houses for lunch.  I have known them ever since I have lived here, over 20 years, ever since our kids were in the same class together.  Of course the children are all grown up now and most are married, but us moms still get together regularly and its fun to find out how our kids are doing.  They were always at one of our houses and we got to know them pretty well, practically adopted them as honored family members.    

But now for today's post which thankfully I wrote a few days ago as today is going to be a busy one.  

As I mentioned earlier, Gregg and I were able to go to our favorite walkabout place last week.  We didn't leave the house until the late part of the afternoon, which was an ideal time really because it had been a hot, muggy kind of a day, the first we have had this year so far.  Now we are back to cooler temperatures which is very strange for this time of the year.  Today (I wrote this post on the 25th) it was cool and very windy but that is now.  Last Wednesday the weather was balmy.   The following is Gregg's photo of his hat on the arm of one of the chairs next to the pond, a particularly favorite spot of ours.   We realized when we got to the garden that we ought to have some head covering and treated ourselves to a couple of baseball caps from the gift shop....

and here we are wearing them, courtesy of Gregg's cell phone, and a little directing by me Gregg added.  It was our third try at a self-portrait and he had cut his face out of the picture the first two times.  "I think you need to tilt the phone a little bit this way,  little more, too far...." and keeping fingers crossed that third time's the charm, "you've got it!"  Way too close but what the heck.  Next time we'll have to try and remember our tripod.

The flowers planted here are absolutely gorgeous.  On our last visit the cherry blossoms were blooming, so were the daffodils and lots of other spring flowers.  This time I was more interested in the roses as I missed their peak last year.  

Wouldn't you know it a lot of them were faded, the petals were falling off some, but I think I got a few pretty ones.  I love roses.  They were my Mother's favorite flower.  Dad grew them in their garden, Mum would pick them out at the flower nursery and he would plant them in 'just the right spot'.  "No, not there, a little to the right, well, that's a bit too far away from.....",
"Maybe to the right of the sweet peas."  "Yes, that's just right."

Well, there you go, I am my Mother's child after all, says I with a smile on my face.

I loved looking at all the flowers at Meadowlark as we walked along.....

and the purple is one I took a photo of ages ago but have since forgotten its name, lavender yes?  That little tuft on the top always throws me.  I am still looking for what the yellow flowers are.  They remind me of a rather sunny Queen Anne's Lace except the wrong color of course.  There were several I couldn't identify and I looked carefully for identifying markers.  If they were totally obscured under the bushes I wasn't going to stick my hand down there and look around.  Yes, I am a great gardener - not really but I wish - and I am fascinated by snakes and bugs, but I don't want to be shaking hands with them without a good pair of thick gardening gloves.

(Added note: thanks to Marilyn, TexWisGirl and Beatrice P. Boyd, I have identified the yellow plant as Yarrow.  I looked it up and there are different types but from a page I visited here, it looks like this is a Fern Leaf Yarrow.  If you click on the link you can read more.

Also the Lavender is Spanish Lavender which was cultivated in America as far back as 1735.  It is native to the western Mediterranean, primarily the Pyrenees and other mountains in northern Spain. There is an article written here.)

I have been looking at this sundial since we first discovered the garden.  There are different flowers planted around it every year, always giving it a fresh look.

The butterfly garden is also a favorite stop but there were none today....

not unless you counted this very pretty stained-glass-style butterfly ornament.  I wouldn't mind that in our own garden.

These white flowers were everywhere.

Some more pretties....

and then not too far off the walking path we came across the ever present Canada Geese whose numbers didn't seem too overwhelming.

However, this one objected to me walking along the path next to his family.  He hissed a bit and bared his tongue.  I'm not that close, I used the zoom on my camera and I didn't hang around too long, taking the photo on the fly.

We saw Chipmunks everywhere, either scurrying up tree trunks such as this one, or darting across the pathways in front of us.

I told him his cousins at home said hi.

He told me to tell him hi back.

That's the end of Part 1.  Part 2 will be be shown soon.