Monday, April 15, 2013

I like to be.....

Out in nature, among trees and flowers and bees,
Animals and birds that twitter to me,
And the buzzing bees always make my soul the brighter.
My spirit soars as though in flight on wings, and then
As if in love for the first time, my heart sings.

And the author of this poor prose?  Well, that's me!

And so, poor prose aside, I am truly at my most relaxed when I am out in nature, and yes my spirit soars.  I have always had a love of the outdoors, of wildlife and of nature.   Thankfully I married a wonderful man who feels the same way.   Gregg and I definitely are on the same playing field in that respect.  So, here we are at Meadowlark Gardens again.  When we are not able to explore further afield this is one of the places we come to often, and as I've mentioned it several times before since I started blogging, you can see other photos we've taken if you click on the Meadowlark label at the bottom of this post.  Husband may like sports and I may not - actually I do enjoy watching golf and that's about it I'm afraid - but when we go road-tripping near or far, we are kicking the ball around on that same playing field.

We were at Meadowlark Gardens on Saturday.  It was a glorious day and for the first time this year we had to search hard for a parking spot.  Even with all the people you still don't get that overcrowded feeling. At the side of the main entrance there is a large picnic area separate from the park, which had much activity.  There were several birthday parties and lots of small children running around with balloons tied to their wrists.  On the other side a wedding was being held at the Atrium.  I didn't see a bride today, though in times past we have seen bride and groom walking down a pathway being followed by professional wedding photographer and an entourage of guests.  We always enjoy people watching and here are a few 'people' photos.

This magnolia tree has attracted a small group. 

A relatively new mummy and daddy under the same magnolia tree.  Sweet!

This American Robin was getting some exercise, especially as he was being chased by.....

a little boy with a focused look on his face.  With all that running around I am sure that both boy and robin slept well that night.

People walking over bridges and.....

a romantic moment on another.  Sweet, and I'm a bit of a nosy-parker but only momentarily.

The Canada Goose was taking it all in of course.  There were plenty of them around and I even had one give me a hiss, but it was standing right in the middle of the pathway.  I apologized to Mr. and Mrs. Goose for disturbing their peaceful moment together, and I gently eased my way around.  

More photos of Meadowlark Gardens at another time.