Friday, April 26, 2013

CAMERA CRITTERS - Burke Lake Park in Northern Virginia - Part 3 - The Visitor

As I mentioned at the end of my post here, we were sitting at our picnic table when we saw a v-shaped wake coming towards us moving fast.  It was hard to see what it was at first as there were no submarines in the area and we were nowhere near Loch Ness, after all the chaotic territorial honking going on at the other side of the lake which we had enjoyed listening to, I had a pretty good idea what it was.  An observant Canada Goose had seen us sit down at the picnic table and he decided to pay us a visit.

How nice of you!

"I'm afraid not Mr. Goose, we don't have any food for you today."

Well, we have walked a long way and we needed a rest.  We are resting and it is also a great place to enjoy the scenery.  We forgot to bring you some food, very sorry dear!

Somehow I don't think he believes us.  He is still heading our way.

We have checked our pockets, not one crumb.  We weren't expecting company you see.

 Look at that expression, he looks absolutely disgusted and I'm feeling a little bit guilty.

Uh-oh!  Suddenly remembering years ago being chased down by a goose when I was carrying a sandwich, all of a sudden I felt a little uncomfortable.  I was eight and I remember running away screaming with the goose nipping at my legs, wings flapping all over the place, which only added to my horror.  I haven't screamed that loud since.  I've probably mentioned this before.  It was as though it was yesterday and being told by my Aunty that I really should have dropped the sandwich didn't help.  I was eight, I didn't connect the dots.  I was too busy trying to get away from that rampaging goose.

 You know, you have a whole lake of clean water, why are you drinking out of a muddy little pool?

I think that was the wrong thing to say.  I was getting "the look!"

 And what a look it was!

 He was staring long and hard and.....

 just wouldn't quit!

Have you ever been stared down by a goose.....or chased by one?

 I haven't been stared down like that since I was five years old and thought my cat's whiskers needed a trim, this after I had given my own hair a trim.  My cat gave me the same stare but he forgave me, as did my mother when she saw my hair.  Except her look was coupled with one of total shock.  I think I have also mentioned this before somewhere.

I hope that little girl connects the dots! 

I will, I will.  We will have a whole loaf of bread, and we will have enough for your 500 relatives.

All joking aside this was a very gentle goose, probably tired out from all the honking across the lake.   I hope the family at the next picnic table had some food for him.  We continued our walk.


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