Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burke Lake Park in Northern Virginia - Part 2

This is a continuation from yesterday's post.  When we first arrived Gregg took photos of Rescue One.....

and of all the pontoons ready and waiting for warmer weather.

As soon as we walked down to the edge of the water we had company.  I suspect this Canada Goose is used to people feeding him.  We didn't have anything to give him.  Just as well as we are only too aware of the request not to feed the ducks and geese in other areas, but there were no such signs here.  He followed us around for a while and then gave up.

This opportunist was just coming out of the trash can.....

with not such a big smile on his face.  I daresay the warmer weather will bring out heavy tippers.  The trash will be abundant and he will be able to have a ten course meal.

Gregg also took this Great Blue Heron on the wing.....

while I was busy looking at the trees and the leaves and other things in the wood.

He is having a good time in the forest too and we are both enjoying our walk....

but are glad to find the picnic table so that we can sit for a while, talk and enjoy our surroundings.

Out on the lake we spotted a turtle with his neck outstretched, trying to dry off I guess.  The sun didn't show itself much that day.....

but it didn't stop him from looking for it.

A duck swam by.  He didn't even bother looking our way.  

All along our walk as we looked across the lake there were some real noisy geese creating quite a racket.  We would see them take off and land, and then the noise would begin again.  Eventually I noticed movement way out there on the other side of the lake, a little speck in the distance and it was heading for us.

but then I'm going to keep our visitor for another post......

because this one has gone on long enough for today.


  1. I can just imagine how it will be when Gregg is retired and how you both will be able to take these side trips to photograph more often. Enjoy!

  2. So peaceful place with blessed nature, adorable critters ( awww love the turtle!)!
    You are adorable!

  3. What a lovely place to walk and watch. Water attracts such a variety of wild life.

  4. Hi Denise, Great shots of you and Gregg. You will have to find a way to get a shot of the two of you together. Looks like a pretty day at the lake, beautiful shots.

  5. This is at least as good as Part 1. It looks an amazing place. I can see that the visitor steaming across the lake is a bird - but no more than that. So I will be back.
    Thank you.

  6. Nothing like a walk in the woods by a lake. Thanks for sharing.

  7. love the shot of the turtle

  8. looks like a beautiful day in a beautiful place. the noisy geese is my kind of noise pollution.

  9. Nice pictures of you and Gregg, out enjoying your walk. I saw a turtle this past weekend. It was also sitting on top of a rock. My turtle actually enjoyed some sunshine. I didn't get a picture of the turtle because it was camera shy. I saw what I believe was a snapping turtle in the water too. It was camera shy as well, sinking under water, as I raised the camera to my eye. All that was left were bubbles. Great picture of the blue heron in flight!

  10. It sounds as if you had some excitement on your walk. I look forward to hearing more about that next time. Both of you got great pictures. I've never caught a squirrel coming out of a trash can.

  11. I have never been to Virgina but would love to one day. It is just beautiful and I have to say looks a bit like where I live. Thank you for sharing. Clarice

  12. lovely post. Small lakes like thsi is vey nice. :)

  13. I always enjoy going along with you and Gregg on your walks, Denise.