Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Burke Lake Park in Northern Virginia - Part 1

The following photos were taken at Burke Lake Park in Northern Virginia.  This link will take you to the Fairfax County Virginia website.

There is a public path that goes all around the lake.  The day we went, last Thursday (April 18th) we found very few people and had the trail all to ourselves.   The day threatened rain and did in fact sprinkle a little, but we were lucky and it was dry the whole time we were there.  

All the old leaves carpeted the ground but bright green leaves were replacing them, spurred on by the warmer weather.  

A great place for exercise, that is if you can keep going long enough before stopping to look at all the wonderful things in nature.  

It is amazing how you can keep up the pace and take a photograph on the fly.....

and I do try to keep pace with Gregg and his long-legged strides.  My shorter legs manage pretty well.

All in all, a great walk along another pretty trail in Northern Virginia.