Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anni's Bird D'Pot

I am linking up with Anni's Bird D'Pot which you can find here.

Today we went to one of our favorite walkabout places, Meadowlark Gardens.  I was looking forward to seeing the Tree Swallows as they nest at the garden every year.  They fly high and low over the main lake, and they must have amazing in-built radar to stop bumping into each other.  The swallows are a lot of fun to watch as they seem to swoop and skim the surface of the water.  They are also very hard to take photos of moving as fast as they do, they remind me of mini jet airplanes.   

This time we were lucky enough to get a photo of one as it came into frame.   I didn't realize it had been caught until I got home and saw it on the computer screen.   I duplicated it and cropped  to get a better view of this pretty bird.  It isn't perfect but I am delighted that I finally got a photo of it in flight.