Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A week in the life of .....

Not a very exciting week but I took these photos around-and-about.  We started off with a snowy-rainy-ish day.   This is the view at the bottom of our street before we get onto the main road that leads out of our neighborhood.

A couple of days later we were passed by some of our finest.

Not too many days after that we were running errands on a sunny day, with not exactly warm temperatures but it was pretty close.

Great day for riding your motorbike....

or for buying one.  We pass this Harley-Davidson store all the time and they always have some new bright and shiny Harleys calling us in.  Come buy me they say, come buy me they sing, their mantra is powerful but we know our limits and we can admire them, and will admire others who ride them and wish them all happy traveling.  I haven't ridden a motor bike since my Uncle Derek gave me a ride on the back of his when I was about seven years old.  Just a very slow and short ride up the road and then he gave us a ride in his side car over to my grandmother's house one time.  I remember the look of terror on my Mother's face as she hung on for dear life.  My sister and I enjoyed our ride in the side car but I am not sure she did.  We caught the two, maybe three buses over to our grandmother's house after that.  Mum's reason for never getting on a roller coaster was the same reason she never ever learned to drive a car, they went way too fast, so I'm afraid a motorbike never had a chance.  She was a great back seat driver though and I mean that in the nicest possible way, always offering advice to me when I drove, and to my Dad, and to my sister.  When she needed a ride from me I still remember her white knuckles clutching the side of the door as if getting ready to jump out.  I'd say, "Here you go Mum, we're slowing down on the corner, you can jump out now but remember to tuck and roll."  Yes I am smiling and no I wasn't a crazy driver but my dear Mum thought me going over 45 miles and hour was a little too much for anyone to handle.   

Maybe a limo ride?  Not today thank you! 

Finally a stop for lunch at Freddy's.  They are new to our area and this one hasn't been open a month. As we were passing by Gregg swung the car into the parking lot as he had a hankering to try one of their steakburgers.  We have never been in a Freddys before but Gregg has seen them on his business travels. They first started out in Wichita, Kansas.

Here he is giving his order.

And yes they fix great steakburgers.   This is Freddy, there are pictures of him all around the store in various cities and other parts of the world.  You can check out their link here if interested.


  1. We were newly married and Chris came home on weekend leave to see me as I was ill. What he didn't tell me was that he made the journey on the back of a motorbike....motorbikes terrify me...I wondered why he didn't have any luggage!
    Jane x

  2. We are looking forward to getting out the motorcycle, if this cold weather ever ends! I haven't ridden much in the past 2 seasons because of a bad knee. I hope that I will be able to ride this year.

  3. Oh I was a back seat Harley chick in my days ! Had friends who rode them . Papa here had a motorcycle when he was younger it wasn't a Harley but just as nice as one ! Lovely photos sounds like you had a good day ! Oh my mum was the opposite she was what I called little old lady from Pasadena go granny go ! She was a led foot and got frustrated with slow drivers lol ! She didn't get her license till she was 40 ! Thanks for sharing . I enjoyed the trip ! Have a good evening !

  4. Nice photos of your area, Denise... Freddie's sounds like a great place. I used to love frozen custard!!!! YUM....

    It's still cold here --but they say it's going to warm up by the weekend and all next week. YEAH!!!


  5. I have a Freddies about 12 minutes away, but have never tried them.Looks good since I really enjoy a good malt.

  6. East Coast, Middle Atlantic Spring roadtrip! Oh thank you for making me a child again
    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  7. The first pic could have been right here!
    God bless you!

  8. We travelled by motor bike for many years. And there are still two in the garage.

    That did look like a lovely week - thank you for showing us around your neighbourhood.

  9. I used to ride a motor bike, only a lightweight one, but it was a bike. These days I much prefer the car

  10. Nice set of pics of being out and about. I'm all about decent frozen custard.

  11. Enjoy seeing where people live. Thanks.

  12. I rode on the back of a motorcycle several times and remember wishing I had worn sun glasses, as the wind made my ears tear.

  13. Glad you are getting some (slightly) warmer weather. Fun the family history snippets! Can easily imagine your mum in both those situations.

    The zuchinni fries in the post below sound better than the steak burger, but that's just me.

  14. I prefer four wheels to two wheels personally!!!

    Love seeing where you live.


  15. Oh my gosh! It's been such a long time since I've been on a motorbike. Thanks for showing us around town.