Saturday, March 30, 2013

TODAY'S FLOWERS #240 - March 30th, 2013

I am very happy to announce the winners of last week's Giveaway.

They are in order that their name was picked out of the hat.

1. Carver at Carver's Sight or is that Site?
2. Xavi at Jardins-Parcs-Paisatges-Muntanyes-Ciutats

Dear Carver and Xavi, if you would like to receive your gift please send me your addresses to my e-mail at luvinwildlife@, and also put "Today's Flowers Giveway" in the subject line.  If you prefer not to receive the gift or give your address please let me know so that I can choose another recipient.  Thank you my friends.  I am eager to send you Sara's book of flowers from "Flowers of Voluntary Park Conservatory".


The link to Today's Flowers is open.  We start a new link each Saturday morning at 12.15 a.m. Eastern Time (US).  This is so that our overseas friends can share earlier if they wish.  To see beautiful blooms from around the world you can click here.

These were growing like a carpet in my in-law's garden in Virginia Beach.  A real pretty little flower and I have one of our participants who helped me identify it.  Thank you Minoru Saito at Minoru' Photo Diary.  I saw you had taken a photo in your post today.  You can see Mr. Saito's wonderful collection of photos here and among them is this one.   

Ipheion uniforum.  
Here it is also known as Spring Starflower or Spring Star.

(A message that will be repeated every week.)

I wish to show my appreciation for all the participants in the previous week's Today's Flowers Meme, by sharing their links here.  I always try hard not to make any mistakes but please let me know if there are any, the same if I have missed anyone.  I have already been made aware of one or two mistakes and believe me, I appreciate it as I like to get things correct.  The links are in the order they were received on the home page.  Consequently, this list won't be alphabetical.  Clicking on the names will take you to their blogs.

With my thanks to last week's participants who were:

Karen at Pixel Posts

Jidhu Jose at Snapshot

Xavi at Jardins-Parcs-Paisatges-Muntanyes-Ciutats

Mina Fotostunder

Randy at Bland Rosor & Tistlar

Judy at The Road To Here

Elin at I hagen ved skauen

Meta at Blommor och sant med koloni

Squirrel Queen at The Road To Here

Betty Manousos at Cut and Dry



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Carver at Carver's Sight or is that Site?

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The Modern Mom

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Chris at Vincibene

Gisela at Guildwood Gardens

Luna Miranda at Live in the Moment

BirgittaB - Welcome to my world of photography

Sara at Love That Image

Jama at Sweet Memories

Lina at Women's Perspectives

Sleepshort at Inside Out

Kerri at A Little Piece of Me

Mona's Picturesque

Doug at 2013 Doug Photo Blog


January at Life's Concealed Details

Sandy at Kezzela2

Kathy at Mammoth Lakes Daily Photo


A Mom's Diary

Randi at Bland Rosor & Tistlar


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Our latest logo came from Luna Miranda.  Thank you so much for this pretty logo.

If you enjoy participating in memes we are always on the look-out for new friends to join in.  For those of you who are already sharing when you can, thank you very much. 

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I am also linking up with Tina's Weekend Flowers which you can find here.