Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Crab Pots

It's fun to visit the coast.  You get to see things you don't normally see, like crab pots for instance.  Gregg took these photos on our weekend in Virginia Beach. 

The other thing you notice that's different is the smell of the sea and I love it.  Ever since I was 15 I lived near the ocean and visited it frequently, exploring tidal pools was always a lot of fun.  Years before that from the age of eight my parents took us to the seaside for holidays twice a year, always to the same place, and when my Dad retired we moved there permanently.  When I met and married a navy man we didn't stray far from it for the first 15 years we were together, even though it was a different ocean.  I got to experience the Atlantic only this time from the other side, and we lived near the Pacific in Southern California for several years.

With retirement from the navy reality dictated that we go where a civilian job was offered, and that was over 20 years ago when we moved to our present home in Virginia, 25 miles outside Washington DC.  It took a little getting used to being inland, but whenever we can we will head for the sea.  We both enjoy what the water brings.  

Gregg's second retirement is coming up this year and though now we don't intend to actually move in the foreseeable future as we enjoy this area very much, but more importantly are near our son and daughter-in-law, it will be really lovely to head for the ocean whenever we feel like it, no time constraints.  I can see many walks along the beach in our future, looking out at the ships in the distance, watching the Seagulls and Pelicans, and other shore birds, the Sanderlings running next to the surf.   I am really looking forward to that.