Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sunday drive.

These are photos taken on our last Sunday drive this past weekend.  We had intended to go for a walk on Big Meadow, take photos of some deer and have lunch at the lodge, but when we got to the entrance of Skyline Drive, the Ranger told us it was closed due to ice and fallen trees.  That's a first for us and though we were disappointed we decided to make the best of it and continue onto Front Royal and drove through the Shenandoah Valley.  We didn't actually get our walk but had a lovely drive.  There was hardly any snow down where we live but at a higher elevation there it was.  

Pretty rural scenery and a new road for us as we usually go along Skyline and get off at one of their exits.  

It was a gorgeous day and we had a great drive.  The deer will have to wait until the weather warms up a bit more though.  The temperature wasn't too bad, it had a bit of a nip in the air but we didn't need a heavy coat which is always a good sign.  I think that's why we were so surprised that Skyline was closed.  

Others were enjoying their drive just like we were.

 Such a cutey!

This is one of the several designs for the Virginia Licence plate.  I scrubbed out the person's number for privacy.  

We didn't mind missing our walk, we had a long one the day before as we were at Meadowlark Gardens. Neither of us felt the need for a coat, we were wearing woolly sweaters which was enough. This was one of the first better days we have had, definitely a promise of Spring and there were early flowers already blooming.  Several people had the same idea but even though the parking lot was about two-thirds full, it didn't feel overcrowded and we had our space.  I'll share those photos soon.