Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Philadelphia Flower Show 2013 - "High Beams"

Before going on to the flowers I thought I would share with you my purchase.  I had not intended to buy anything but as I was passing some of the vending stalls, I spotted a lamp that I immediately fell in love with.  I have been looking for ages.  I had put one of the lamps from our bedroom in our guest room temporarily, intending to replace it when I saw another to buy, and as we were making our way out of the show I saw my lamp.  The thing is, I won't buy anything unless what I see talks to me, if you know what I mean, and this one and I had a wonderful conversation.  To be honest I was having a wonderful conversation with about a dozen or so, very happy talking with all of them.  Come home with me my darlings I said but alas I also have to have a conversation with our checkbook, and so I picked the one I spotted originally and was very happy for it.  There is always next year and the owners intend to be there.

The lamps are described as "Custom Handmade Copper and Brass Lighting given an acid bath patina then hand rubbed with recycled car oil.  Shades made of mica, plants, petals and fabrics and finished with polymers."  I also had a choice of finials and picked the flower.  My photos don't do the lamp justice.  It is gorgeous and you can only guess at the hours taken to create one, each an obvious labor of love. There is pride of workmanship here and I feel very fortunate to have passed by their corner on my way out of the show.

The following photos start off with their designers, Trenny Robb and Bob Michaud, and then you will see their other lamps on display.  Trenny and Bob were obviously very busy as there was a lot of interest in their corner, but they were warm and friendly, took time to talk and were a joy to meet.  You can take a look at their company website called High Beams if you click here. They very kindly gave me their permission to take photos and put them on my blog.  Trenny also showed me some of her designs in a book on graph paper and I did take a photo. I would have loved to pour through them, all works of art in themselves, but I won't be sharing it as impressed as I was.  I thought that would be taking too much of a liberty with someone's personal design to share here.  Gregg also took several photos as he his eye caught the many patterns he saw in each creation.  He was as impressed as I was.

Here are Gregg's photos.

This one I am going to be using in my header for a while.

Absolutely beautiful, with that old world look to them that I adore.  Thank you Trenny and Bob and see you next year!