Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More of the Philadelphia Flower Show - March 2013

I thought I would give the flower show a rest after this post.  I have several photos that I will share through the Today's Flowers meme.  In the meantime this is a series of shots taken as we walked around.  This display of umbrellas, complete with fog machine on the surface of the water, was interesting.  

One of the many vendors selling their wares.  

I coveted this...
and this...

and this....

I have always had a passion for bronze statues.  Mr. Bear would look lovely in our garden.

but when I talked to my pocket book it laughed at me and besides, that Home Owners Association has the most restricting rules about lawn ornaments.   At times such as these I am ready for my mountain top.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the displays.

Gregg and I weren't the only ones taking photos.  No, that's not me.

By the time we got to this double-decker bus, my feet were telling me to hitch a ride.

A few familiar Royals.

And other fashions besides hats.

A wheelbarrow sculpture....

and lots of lovely clocks....

and this pillow.  I didn't realize I was taking one of Philadelphia as I was aiming for the England one next to it but somehow got distracted.  Still, it's a beautiful pillow of Philly and I was glad I had the photo.

Cricket anyone?  I remember many hours playing down at the cricket fields watching my Dad play.

And here's one of my sister and me.  She's on the left and I am on the right.  I have no idea who the little girl in the pram is, probably the child of one of Mum's friends. You can just make out the cricketers playing in their whites in the background, on the right of the photo, and one of them is my Dad.

And that's it for a while.