Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monday Rambles....Philadelphia Flower Show

It has been a while since I put a ramble on here.  I am still feeling the effects of a 24 hour trip up to Philadelphia and am not sure how long this will be.  Gregg and I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  We attended the one in 2012 and enjoyed it very much, deciding to go to this years.  Last year it was an Hawaii theme.  You can see a series of posts I took if you click here.  This year it was a British theme so there was no way we were going to miss that, if at all possible.  Gregg had a day off yesterday, we drove up the night before and stayed at a hotel about half an hour out of Philadelphia, near the airport.  It worked out really well as we were up bright and early and joining the queues in time for the show's opening at 10.00 a.m.

I haven't gotten all the photos downsized or all my thoughts put together on the show.  I will leave that for later posts.

On Saturday my friends and I got together for an opera, which is performed live from the New York Met at one of our local movie theaters.  We saw Wagner's Parsifal.  It was a long one, 5 hours 35 minutes, three acts with two intermissions of 20 minutes each.  At one time I never thought of myself as a Wagner fan but since I have been going to the opera with my friends, I have become a fan since watching The Ring.  I do tend to nod off at these things at times, but usually wake myself up after giving everyone a start when I give out rather a loud snore.  Everyone tells me it isn't loud but you know when it's in your head, it sounds like Big Ben but not quite as 'musical'.  Put me in a darkened theater for several hours, a restless sleep the night before and I'm gone.  This time, however, I managed to stay awake the whole time and not miss any of the performance.

Later we went to our usual restaurant, had a good meal and lovely conversation.  One of our friends husbands came with us this time and the dear man treated us to our meal.  We left there two hours later.

One friend had come up from Richmond and stayed with us for the night.  That was lovely too.  The next morning Gregg and I took her to The Pure Pasty Company where we had lunch, and not long after she was on her way back home.

Gregg said it would be a good idea to drive to Philadelphia that afternoon and stay in a hotel not far from the city.  We opted not to stay downtown because though the hotel was very nice and we were able to walk to the convention center, remembering last year the noise of the traffic kept me up all night.  I'm a very light sleeper.  A possum could sneeze outside and I would hear it.  This time we drove into the city which took less than half an hour, found a parking lot for the car not to far away and again walked to the flower show.  It all worked out very well.

I'll have more photos for you next time.