Thursday, March 28, 2013

Celia's old family photo

While down in Virginia Beach  I was practicing taking photos with my iPad.  Celia showed me a photo of her Great-Grandmother.  She has a lovely name, one fit for a character in a novel, but I won't divulge it for privacy's sake.  I had a nice letter from Celia's cousin Lonnie since I put in this post and he tells me that this photo was taken when she was about18 years old, around 1892.  Thanks for the extra info Lonnie.

As many of you have mentioned the frame in your comments, I wanted to add how much I loved the old-fashioned frame too.  It fits the photo perfectly.  I was a little off kilter with the frame and tried to straighten it up by adding a border.  It's hard to take photos of photos sometimes.  Thank you Celia for letting me put your Great-Grandmother on my blog.