Sunday, February 10, 2013

Two birds at Huntley Meadows in Alexandria, Virginia

We were walking in Huntley Meadows in Alexandria last Saturday and took a couple of bird photos.  The first one came out quite well.  I am not an expert at identifying birds but am enthusiastic about learning.  I think this is a sparrow of some sort.  Can anyone identify it properly for me?  It has a little patch of yellow on its head and a touch of white under the beak.  A white-throated sparrow perhaps but any help would be gratefully received as I want to be 100 percent sure. Thank you!

The female Cardinal was harder to take a photo of.  She was in a tangle of branches among the red berries, which she was probably having a feast of.

Today I am also joining in with Anni's Bird D'Pot Meme.  Thank you for hosting Anni.  Click here to see other feathered friends from all over..