Monday, February 4, 2013


When we were at Meadowlark Gardens last weekend we stopped here, a place just outside the visitors center which is full of little pig statues.  These two are ones I had never seen before, maybe they were relatively new.  It's the same area where I saw the fairy garden which I posted about here.  I always smile at these little characters because they remind me of a very special uncle of Gregg who used to keep several, and one of the fun memories of a visit to uncle years ago, was being able to step into the pig pen taking photos.  I have always been very fond of pigs but that experience set my feelings in stone, just like these little piggies at Meadowlark gardens.

We had a quiet weekend.  The weather was dreary and though it snowed only a little we didn't feel like going far.  We went up to the grocery store on the Sunday and stopped off at the coffee shop afterwards, but that was about it.  

I do remember having a short encounter with a very nice young lady about some avocados we were buying.  She went out of her way when she saw we were looking at the avocados, to tell us how wonderful the ones she had bought were a couple of days previously.  You don't get many people wanting to have a conversation with you at the supermarket, and when it happens it is refreshingly pleasant.   

Then we went to the coffee shop and the line was half way to the door but we stayed as it usually goes fast.  We noticed all the foreign accents, all the different nationalities.  We live in a very ethnically diverse area.  Gregg and I always enjoy this and said as such when we heard two men having a conversation in another language, one I couldn't really identify.  We went out the door shortly afterwards following these young men, and the one waited for me to catch up so that he could hold the door open for me, and gave me the biggest smile when I thanked him. Doesn't take much for me to feel good, experiencing politeness can be a catalyst.

The rest of the day was spent watching the football game, and that was our weekend.