Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pictures from my archives - Antelope Canyon

In 2007 Gregg and I took a road trip around the Southwest.  Part of that trip took us to Monument Valley, where we met a nice tourist called Brian from England.  He had asked if we would take a picture of him with the monuments behind him, and he did the same for us.  He asked us if we had been to Antelope Canyon.  We said we had not, in fact hadn't heard of it before.  He did us a great service as he told us we really shouldn't miss it as we weren't that far away.  It is near Paige, Arizona  If you ever find yourself in that area, don't miss it.  You will be as amazed as we were.  It is an incredible place.  You can click here, here and here to find out more.

These are three of the photos we took there.  We were given a tour by a Navajo lady called Carol. She was great even putting our cameras on the right settings and taking photos for us with our cameras, to make sure we captured at least one great shot of the canyon.  I have two other posts from way back, here and here.

These are on my other posts but there are a lot more photos.