Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I found some things to scan today.....

four postcards from New Zealand.  An old penfriend sent them to me years ago.
 Lake Okareka and Mount Tarawera, New Zealand.  "This small, beautiful lake is located in rolling, bush-covered hills between Lake Rotorua and Lake Tarawera.  The dormant volcano, Mount Tarawera rises to a height of 1111m in the distance."  My penfriend had also written that Mt Tarawera last erupted in 1886 with the loss of many lives.

The description of this one reads, "The meeting place of several main highways, Blenheim is the principal commercial and administrative town for the Marlborough Province.  Top left: Mt. Tapuaenuku - Top right: Grape harvesting - Bottom left: Seymour Square - Bottom right: Historic Cobb Cottage.  My penfriend had also written on the back that this area had its worst drought on record this year."  Whenever that may have been I am not sure, there is no date on the postcard, as they were sent in an envelope with the rest of them, and that envelope I never kept.  

 This one reads, "Flaxmill Bay, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand."  And on the back, "Situated near Whiteanga Township, Flaxmill Bay is a sheltered haven for pleasure boats and a peaceful resort for holidaymakers"  

On the back of this one reads, "The Karapiro Power Station is one of a number of such stations built along the Waikato River.  Lake Karapiro in the background is an artificial lake formed by the dam, and has become a favorite recreational area.

I thoroughly enjoyed finding these postcards again yesterday.  I am not sure whether I will ever get to New Zealand.  I would like to think so, one day, I always say one day, because you never know do you?