Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beaver Dams at Huntley Meadows

In the photo above you can see Gregg sitting on the end of a bench.  In the photo below is the same bench back in June 2012.  All those branches are the start of a beaver lodge that those industrious critters had started building.  Each side of the path is marshland.  On our most recent visit the bench is almost totally absorbed by the lodge.  There is one small section which has barely enough room to sit on now.

I think the beavers are being given full reign to do what they will for the present, as there were dams on either side of the pathway, and in other areas of the reserve.  I suppose the lodge will have to be 'trimmed' at some point.  It  is slowly covering the main footpath which allows people to walk over the wetlands.

Here's a dam.....

there's a dam.....

and the Canada Geese are loving the extra water that has accumulated.

Another dam which a few geese have decided to cross to get to the other side.....

except that the other side doesn't have as much water, and not liking what they found they immediately turned around and went back to where the water was deeper.

This is part of yet another dam they crossed.  Great engineers those beaver.

 Some trees that had been felled were quite large.

This one had been gnawed on recently as the wood was still freshly cut.

 We were amazed at all the trees that had been felled.

There is about a foot-and-a-half difference in the level of the water from one side to the other.