Friday, February 8, 2013


Back at the end of last summer we were at a local farm festival.  They were offering free, freshly made apple cider which you could buy on your way out.  The exit took you through their open air market.   It was delicious, some of the best tasting cider we had ever tried.  We weren't the only ones who thought that.  

The wasp thought so too but we got to take a bottle of it home with us.


Thank you Misty for hosting Camera Critters.  I love this meme and always look forward to it each Saturday.  
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  1. God's creatures, great and small...but I'm very wary of wasps! I'm sure the drink was delicious, though. Have a good weekend, Denise!

  2. I hope the wasp did not go home with you too. Great shots! Have a wonderful weekend, Denise!

  3. Wasps and cider now that is a painful combination, once they get tipsy those wasps will take on the world. Looks like you had a good time.XX Don

  4. Oh my I loved buying fresh cider at road side stands when we lived in Maine.

    You got a great shot of that bee. Just super Denise! :-)

  5. Wasp with tiger stripes, can be dangerous! Great capture of the bug!

  6. Wonderfully captured. The wasp looked thirsty :)

  7. Great capture on the wasp, I'm sure he was also enjoying the sweet cider. I love fresh apple cider.

  8. I wonder if that is one of those awful european wasps, which can sting over and over and over.
    We had them in Tasmania and if a swarm got into cattle they could lay a cow flat.